FSU Digital Democracy Wall

Frostburg State University’s Digital Democracy Wall is an interactive outlet for the FSU community (students, faculty, staff and community members) to post their individual perspectives and spark conversations about current local, national, and global civic issues. By engaging in discussion and thoughtful reflection, the FSU community will become more engaged in the democratic process while increasing communication, knowledge, and multiple perspectives to diverse audiences. The focus and spirit of this wall is to encourage open, thoughtful, and respectful discussion and share innovative ideas and paths to social change. 

Democracy Wall Rules and Regulations

The Digital Democracy wall is meant to allow students, faculty, staff, and community members to have their voices heard. Take the time to not only post your thoughts and opinions but read the posts of others and engage in conversation. All voices are welcome.

  1. Disagree without being disagreeable. Be able to agree or disagree with others without attacking the individual. i.e. personal attacks or name calling. The spirit of the wall is communication with respect for others and their opinions.
  2. Feel free to pose your own questions or start your own conversation. The wall belongs to the public; discuss what civic topic is important to you!
  3. No “Off the Wall” Topics. This project's main focus is to encourage discussion and involvement in the democratic process. Utilizing the wall to promote unrelated upcoming events, topics, or concepts is not allowed and such posts will be taken off the wall.
  4. Free Speech, Fighting Words, University Policy, & the Spirit of the Wall. The rule of free speech will be upheld for the wall except when it violates illegal speech, University Policy, or the spirit of the wall. While open and free speech may bring about sensitive and possibly unpleasant concepts posts will only be removed for the following reasons:
    1. Fighting Words: Fighting words are not protected by free speech and are not permitted. This is not because of the idea behind them, but the action they promote. Any direct threat, false statement of fact, incitement, or other statements that may lead to imminent violence will be immediately removed.
    2. University Policy: Any statements that violate university policy will be removed. This includes any form of hate speech.
    3. The Spirit of the Wall: The concept of the Democracy Wall is to engage in a discussion that encourages participation in the democratic process through education, reflection, and an environment of open conversation among those that will often have different views or opinions. To this end, things like obscenities, cursing, false statements, hate speech, or actions and posts that do not represent the value we place on respect for others will be removed.
  5. Individuals violating the Rules and Regulations will have their posts removed and will be notified of this via the medium of their posts. Depending on the severity of their violation, the person's account can be blocked from the site as soon as a second violation.
  6. Individuals who feels their posts were misinterpreted or removed without just cause can appeal to the office of Civic Engagement by emailing Patrick O'Brien at pobrien@frostburg.edu **Please note, your post may have been automatically blocked due to a specific word in your post. There is a list of predetermined words that if used will trigger your post to be automatically blocked.

The physical version of the Digital Democracy Wall is located in the Lane University Center.

Visit the Democracy Wall Online Here


The Digital Democracy Wall and these guidelines are based on the Democracy wall created at Kennesaw State University.

Sponsored by the Office of Civic Engagement, the J. Glenn Beall Institute for Public Affairs, and the Student Government Association