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Pre-Packaged Bag Options

In a rush? Customers may request a pre-packed bag option for pick-up. There is a four-bag limit per customer.

To request a pre-packed bag pick up. Please fill use THIS LINK to select a pick-up time and your bag options. Pantry staff/volunteers will do their best to have the bags ready at the time of your appointment. Customizable bags will be packed while you are at the pantry.

Below are general descriptions of the type of items that may be in each bag. Items will vary based on availability:

Carbs and Sides Bag Option 1

Carbs and Sides Bag

  • Pasta
  • Rice/grain
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Broth (chicken, turkey, beef, bone, vegetable)
  • Stuffing
  • Mac N Cheese
Canned Goods Bag Option 2

Canned Goods Bag

  • Canned Fruit/Fruit Cups
  • Canned Vegetable
  • Soup
  • Ravioli
Breakfast Bag Option 3

Breakfast Bag

  • Cereal
  • Cereal/Chewy Bars
  • Oatmeal/Granola/Fruit
Baking Bag Option 4

Baking Bag

  • Dessert mixes (Brownie, Cake, etc.)
  • Jell-O/Pudding packs
Snack Bag Option 5

Snack Bag

  • Hummus cups
  • Chips
  • Crackers

Customizable Bag

  • (Max 1 per customer)
  • Customers may choose additional items for their bag

I'm Feeling Adventurous Bag

  • Pantry staff and volunteers will choose items at random for you!
  • Be sure to tell us dietary restrictions including foods you do not like (ie. Spicy foods).
  • Can also be requested in advance by emailing by noon of the day before your visit. Please include your Pantry ID number with your request.

For more information, contact or call 301-687-7598 during regular pantry hours.

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The PAWS Pantry is a proud partner of the Maryland Food Bank's School Pantry Program.
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Fall 2021

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Monday 10 am - 2:30 pm
Thursday 1-6 pm

Hours by Appointment

Wednesday 10 AM-2:30 PM
Thursday 6-8 PM
Friday 10 AM-2:30 PM

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The FSU Paws Pantry is a distribution partner of Maryland Food Bank.

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Kat Reyes
AmeriCorps Pantry Coordinator

During regular pantry hours
Phone:  301.687.7598
Fax:  301.687.7049

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Customers who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to the virus, or have been instructed to self-isolate SHOULD NOT visit the pantry for any reason.

Instead, send a request to as soon as you are aware of this situation to set up a delivery. More details about how the delivery will work will be sent to you upon your request. This is not an open service! As we are working with limited staff, we ask that only those who have been exposed to the virus, have been informed to self-quarantine and/or are symptomatic use this option.

More info about FSU's COVID Response