My favorite part of the program is being able to connect to the campus and surrounding communities as well as watching the ECHOSTARS grow through their first year on campus. This is my first year as a RisingSTAR that I am able to physically interact with everyone in the program and it was really nice to see the program from a different point of view finally. —  TJ White, Senior, Program Alumni


TJ White, Junior, RisingSTAR

I love ECHOSTARS. I wouldn't be here for another year if I didn't! The projects give me the ability to do things that I normally wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Like work with awesome kids!  —  Amber Mazan, Program, Alumni


Amber Mazan, Junior, Team Leader

I think that the ECHOSTARS program is an amazing program for those who attend FSU and a perfect fit as it is designed for first-year students. Being a freshman in a new area may be stressful for some as it is an unfamiliar area with unfamiliar people. With that being said, the program allows students to be engaged with the members of the Allegany County community and the area itself as well. It has treated me great, taught me important lessons, and improved my leadership skills. I definitely will recommend to the incoming freshman! —  Rachael Michalski, Second Year, RisingSTAR


Rachael Michalski, First Year, ECHOSTAR

I've had so many experiences that I otherwise would not have and in just 1 semester was able to learn so much about my community through ECHOSTARS and I'm very grateful. —  Jaelynn Harris, Second Year, Program Alumni


Jaelynn Harris, First Year, ECHOSTAR

I have made many connections inside and outside of the ECHOSTARS program. Also, I have gained many friends, many experiences, and have been allowed many opportunities.” — Tiffany Furr, Second Year, Team Leader


Tiffany Furr, First Year, ECHOSTAR
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