Employment & Internships

Below are examples of opportunities available for students through the Department of Student Engagement and offices and program areas. For more information about current openings and involvement opportunities, watch your inbox for jobs advertised in InvolveU. 




ECHOSTARS is a first-year living-learning-serving experience for 65 students who commit to serving 300 hours of direct service with the opportunity to earn up to $1,800 in scholarships from the AmeriCorps program and Frostburg State University. Rising STARS is primarily a sophomore-based program with a focus on service, mentoring, and academic engagement. Members serve 100, 200 or 300 hours of direct service and earn up to $1,800. For more information, contact the Office of Civic Engagement at 301.687.4210.

Student Government Association

SGA elections are held during mid-March. On- and off-campus positions are available on an ongoing basis. Contact Kathi Perkins at 301.687.4304 or kperkins@frostburg.edu for available openings.

University Programming Council

Programming and volunteer positions are available within University Programming Council. To learn more about the opportunities, contact the University Programming Advisor at 301.687.4049.



Federal Work-Study for Undergrads

Opportunities may exist based upon Federal Work-Study eligibility. To find out if you are eligible for federal work-study, visit the Financial Aid Office

State Work-Study for Undergrads

State Work-Study jobs may be available each semester. Watch for job postings in the email newsletter InvolveU.



Independent study and internships are available for credit for the following majors and focus areas: computer science, business administration-marketing, mass communications, graphic design, photography, parks & recreation, music management, theatre, and more. For more information, call us at 301.687.4411.