CAPS provides presentations on a variety of mental health topics. Our Outreach presentations are designed to raise awareness, provide information, and address the stigma involved in seeking mental health treatment.

Outreach presentations may be requested by student groups, academic departments, FSU staff, and faculty members, and others in the FSU community. Programs are being conducted virtually at this time. There is no fee for an outreach presentation and you do not need to be a client with CAPS to participate. 

Some of our most popular presentations are listed below.

Mental Health Basics

An overview of mental health terms, symptoms, and treatments. This presentation is for anyone who would like to increase their understanding of how to best assist someone who is experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc. This is a popular presentation that has been used by campus departments and organizations to train mentors and provide students with concrete ways to assist others and themselves. Includes information on anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use, suicide warning signs, stress management, the nervous system, breathing techniques, and self-care. Approximate length: 90 minutes.

Body Image

This presentation looks at the common causes of body image issues from childhood through adulthood. We consider how self-image is formed by family, peers, and social media. Strategies are provided for identifying negative thoughts, reframing, and developing new habits. Approximate length: 60 minutes.

Healthy Relationship

Many students seek counseling due to relationship issues. This presentation explores the characteristics of healthy relationships and identifies potential warning signs. Communication strategies and resources for those seeking to leave an unhealthy relationship are provided. Approximate length: 60 minutes.

Self-Care and Stress Management

A presentation that everyone should hear! The presenter discusses the central nervous system, stress, and trauma responses. Emphasis is placed on the causes of chronic stress and the effects on our physical and mental health. Many strategies for stress reduction and self-care are provided. Approximate length: 45 minutes.

Suicide Prevention

Our suicide prevention presentation goes over the mental health basics and then provides more information specifically about how to notice warning signs and intervene with someone you think may be considering suicide. Myths and facts about suicide will be discussed. Approximate length: 30 minutes


If you are interested in a presentation, we ask that you complete the Outreach Request Form at least 2 weeks before the desired date. Please note in requesting a presentation you are responsible for:

  • Providing a link to the presentation platform at least 48 hours before the event.
  • Updating the presenter of any changes that occur before the presentation.
  • Starting the presentation on time.
  • Introducing the presenter.