Parents Are In A Position To Help

mom and sonFor many college students, this is their first time on their own and many may not know how to express these new feelings and emotions. Research shows, when students are experiencing issues, they are most likely to reach out to family and friends first.

As a parent, it can be painful to know that your child is struggling especially if you are miles away. However, you can still provide support and assist in helping connect your son or daughter with the services they need. We recommend you talk to your student and encourage them to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

You can be your child's biggest advocate by making yourself aware of the available resources and by connecting them to us for support. We take your concerns seriously. While there are legal limits to what information we can share with you, we want to work with you to support your child.

As parents, you juggle the difficult balance of supporting, protecting and advocating for your child, while encouraging them to make their own decisions as well as develop the skills they need to care for themselves. We are here to help students personally as well as academically.