Psychiatric Services

To provide optimal care for our students, we have a nurse practitioner on staff with us part-time.  Our nurse practitioner provides medication management services to students actively engaged in counseling with CAPS. Students may benefit from psychotropic medications to help relieve symptoms related to their mental health. For permission to schedule an initial appointment with the nurse practitioner, students must be seen by a staff counselor first.

The nurse practitioner is not able to refill prescription medications that have been prescribed by other medical providers. If you are seeing a provider outside of CAPS, please contact that provider for a medication refill.

Please know that our services here at CAPS are at no cost to FSU Students. However, your insurance may be billed if you receive prescriptions, lab work/orders, or are referred to another provider. If you do not have insurance, please let us know. 

In the event that the nurse practitioner orders lab work to be completed, you must use lab services close to you. This lab work will be billed to your insurance. Brady Health at FSU does not complete lab services for us. 

Although our counselors are available for crisis appointments, the nurse practitioner is not. In the event you need to be seen sooner than the dates that are available, we will assist you with being seen by the local emergency department.

If you are coming to FSU with an existing psychotropic medication prescription, you should maintain your established relationship with your psychiatrist to continue monitoring your medication as determined and agreed upon prior to leaving home.

As with our counselors, the nurse practitioner is unable to manage medications beyond a student’s departure from FSU. The nurse practitioner and counselor will work together to identify off-campus resources for ongoing medication management following the termination of treatment.