Competency Goals

The overall goal of the FSU CAPS Internship is to provide broad based training in the competencies believed to be essential for professional psychologists. Goals are presented below, together with the knowledge base or area of professional conduct relevant to the competency.

  1. Development of Clinical Skills in:
    1. Application of Theory and Research to Clinical Practice
    2. Assessment, Diagnostic, and Conceptual Skills
    3. Intervention and Treatment Planning
  2. Sensitivity to Individual and Cultural Diversity in Professional Work
  3. Ethical Standards in Clinical Practice
  4. Professional Development
    1. Professional Conduct
    2. Professional Growth and Self Awareness
    3. Receiving Supervision
    4. Public Advocacy
  5. University Counseling Center Services Delivery, including:
    1. Individual Counseling and Campus Outreach
    2. Interface in a Multidisciplinary System
    3. Knowledge and Skills in a College/University Environment
Counseling and Psychological Services
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Doctoral Intership Contact
    Patricia Robison, Ph.D.
    Acting Training Director
    Frostburg State University
    Cumberland Hall
    Frostburg, MD 21532-2303
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