Summary of Internship

Full-time doctoral interns will work 40 hours per week for 12 months. Doctoral interns are required to work at least 2,000 hours in their time period, including supervision, training, and a minimum of 500 direct client contact hours. In this internship, doctoral students pursue clinical training at a distance from their doctoral program, and complete their training as a capstone of their doctoral training and education. The pragmatic advantages for students and programs are clear: students complete their internship quickly and can proceed to graduate, move on to postdoctoral training and licensure, while programs get a yearly influx of highly trained doctoral interns, equipped with the latest academic knowledge, who are seeing a high volume of clients. Frostburg State University's internship has APPIC membership and participates in the match process.

Please see our Handbook.

Counseling and Psychological Services
    Sand Spring Hall, Room 101
    Phone: 301.687.4234
    Fax: 301.687.3065
Doctoral Intership Contact
    Patricia Robison, Ph.D.
    Acting Training Director
    Frostburg State University
    101 Sand Spring Hall
    Frostburg, MD 21532-2303
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