Group Counseling

What is Group Counseling?

In addition to individual therapy CAPS offers group therapy which is often more effective for certain issues. Group sessions are facilitated by one or two therapists and provide an opportunity to meet with other students who share similar challenges and interests.

The encouragement and support offered by others in a group can instill a sense of hope, optimism, and belonging. Members feel less isolated and alone and are provided with opportunities to learn that they can help others by sharing their experiences.

In this process, group members learn about interpersonal relationships and acquire a variety of social and communication skills. As with individual therapy, confidentiality is maintained about everything that is discussed in the group and we emphasize that all group members do the same.

For those interested in joining a group, please call
CAPS at 301.687.4234 or email

We ask that you commit to at least 6 sessions to see how effective it can be for you. In most cases, potential group members need to schedule a 30 minute session with the group leader to get more information and answer a few questions to ensure the group is a good fit. Groups will usually meet weekly and last approximately 60 - 90 minutes. Group size is generally between 6-8 students. Some groups are open and allow students to join at any time across the semester whereas other groups become closed after one or two sessions and students must wait until the start of a new group in order to join. Times and dates for groups are determined each semester and usually are designated on the group flyer that announces the group.

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