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Patricia RobisonPatricia Robison, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling & Psychological Services
Licensed Psychologist

As director, Dr. Patricia Robison oversees the general operation of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). She also provides supervision and mentorship to the CAPS pre-doctoral interns as well as unlicensed clinical staff. In her clinical role, Dr. Robison provides individual and group counseling to FSU students and develops and conducts outreach programs. Her orientation includes interpersonal, humanistic, existential, Jungian, and transpersonal psychological theories. She is also a certified graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science. This training alongside insights derived from a desert Vision Quest permits her to incorporate the transpersonal mysteries of soul and spirit into her work with others. She has experienced and witnessed non-ordinary states of consciousness, including spiritual awakenings and existential crises and is adept at exploring and understanding such experiences without discounting or pathologizing them. Dr. Robison embraces the new movement of inter-spirituality that includes esoteric contemplative traditions across all world religions, East and West. Her spiritual mentors have included Buddhists, Native Americans and Christians. Her professional interest areas include personal/spiritual growth and development, Jungian dream analysis, existential concerns, women's issues, LGBTQ issues, the management of stress, depression, and anxiety, and the overall improvement of one’s psychological and spiritual well-being.

Kevin Roy SimonsonKevin Roy Simonson, Psy. D.
Training Director
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Simonson provides individual and group counseling services. Areas of professional interest include working with LGBTQ, Men’s issues, Belief Systems, Mindfulness Meditation, and existential concerns.

Kelly BaileyKelly A. Bailey, Ph.D.

Kelly provides counseling to students on an individual, couple, and group basis, conducts career, personality, and learning disability assessments, and provides outreach programs upon request. Within individual and group therapy, her interest is to collaborate with clients to develop goals related to enhancing their psychological well-being (meaning in life, connectedness, autonomy, competence, optimal cognitive and physical functioning) and to provide them with lifelong mediators of change, for example, tools to increase psychological flexibility, mindfulness, perspective-taking, acceptance, and commitment to values. She loves working with college students and believes her purpose is to help others be their best selves.

John DeHartJohn DeHart, Ph.D.

John provides individual therapy for FSU students. His clinical interests include psychodynamic psychotherapy, health psychology, personality disorders, and LGBTQ and diversity issues in psychology. John grew up in Central PA and completed his doctoral degree in Psychology at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. After completing his Pre-Doctoral Internship at FSU, he joined CAPS as a full-time counselor.

Andrea EmerickAndrea N. Emerick, MS, NCC, LCPC

Andrea is a National Certified Counselor and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Her approach to mental health is from the perspective of inspiring change by treating the whole person. Andrea utilizes an eclectic blend of treatment modalities, e.g., Interpersonal, Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, etc. in order to promote positive choices and stronger coping skills that ensures improvement in quality of life.

Nathan BridenolphNathan Bridenolph, MA
Doctoral Practicum Student

Nathan is currently completing his PhD in Counseling Psychology from West Virginia University. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and has spent his career after the military working with at-risk-youth. Nathan provides individual therapy for FSU students. His clinical interests include college transition for veterans and first generation students, post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma, attachment, and multicultural issues in counseling.

Eileen GriffinEileen Griffin, MS, MPSY
Doctoral Intern

Eileen completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at UMBC and her master’s in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University Maryland. She is currently completing her doctoral degree in Psychology at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. She primarily utilizes psychodynamic, relational, and interpersonal process approaches to individual counseling. Her approach is growth-oriented and emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself in the context of relationships and developing awareness of how one’s learned patterns could have been useful in the past yet may be causing distress in the present. Eileen’s clinical interests include issues around early childhood trauma, identity development, personality pathology, and differentiating from one’s family of origin. Her goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental place where those who have been hurt or are in distress can explore their vulnerability, connect to their deeper emotional experiences, and enhance acceptance of their whole selves.

Iris MeloIris Melo, MA
Doctoral Intern

Iris is currently completing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She specializes in long-term counseling, and primarily practices from a Humanistic/Existential orientation. These theories unite by emphasizing understanding for the human experience, and focusing on the client rather than the symptom. Iris operates from a person-centered approach where the therapeutic relationship is paramount in establishing rapport and trust. Through this relationship, the client will be able to develop self-awareness and agency. Iris utilizes various approaches to therapy including drama techniques, individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy, and meditation and mindfulness techniques. Iris’s clinical interests include identity development, establishing meaning in life, processing loss, impacts of diversity, mood disorders, and issues related to emerging adulthood. Her goal is to guide the client on his or her journey to find themselves and establish meaningful connections in their lives.

Gloria EiselGloria Eisel
Administrative Assistant

Gloria is the administrative assistant for CAPS. She is responsible for the smooth operation of the front desk and will be the first one to greet you when you call or stop by the office.

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