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Pagwaya Primary School

Frostburg State University Partners with Water School Uganda

The Office of Leadership and Experiential Learning at Frostburg State University's Student Affairs Division has partnered with Water School Uganda by providing a leadership and experiential learning experience for their President's Leadership Circle Members.  This experience consists of traveling to Uganda to work with Water School Uganda in providing health and sanitation education to community members.

Pagwaya Primary School has officially gave themselves a second name of "Frostburg Village" due to the work our students have completed since March of 2012.

Within this page, you will be able to learn more about Pagwaya Primary School.  At the bottom of this page, we have included ways that individuals like yourself can be a part of the change in Uganda. 


Pagwaya Primary School is located in Boma Village, Pakia Parish, Panyango Sub-County, Jonam County, Nebbi District in Northern Uganda.  It is situated on Pakwach Wadelai Road 10 km north of Pakwach town.  The school is 1.5 km east of the road and 100m west of the River Nile.  The biggest town near the school is Pakwach town.

Current School Position:

Pagwaya Primary School has a staff ceiling of 16 teachers.  There are 15 male and 1 female.  The current proposed ceiling is 18 teachers.

There are 2 non teaching staff, 1 male watch man and 1 female cook.  The non teaching staff are paid with fund collected from the parents as teachers' welfare fund.

Enrollment in 2016:

  • P.1. - 346
  • P.2. - 142
  • P.3. - 141
  • P.4. - 106
  • P.5. - 104
  • P.6. - 62
  • P.7. - 45

    Total:  906

Co-Curricular Activities:

Pagwaya Primary School has excelled in all co-curricular activities they are participating in.

The result for ball games in 2015 were as follows:

  • Pagwaya (3) vs Pamitu (1)

  • Pagwaya (5) vs Ajini (0)


Pagwaya Primary School has good agricultural practices which train the children with modern method of farming.  The school has the following:

  • The school has cassava garden of 1 acre that dried up during this dry season.

  • About 50 teak and neem trees around the school that provide shade and wind break.

Health and Sanitation:

Pagwaya Primary School has 10 stances of latrine for 906 pupils.  The ratio of pupils to a latrine stance is 90:1 and the recommended is 45:1.  Hence there is need for more 10 stances.  We have hand washing facilities for all the 3 blocks of pits latrines.

Brief History:

Pagwaya Primary School is a protestant founded, mixed day school started by the community in 1953 by three devoted Christians.  They were Opio Nezerene first head teacher; Kosem Okende and Hilikia Muswa were the staff members. 

The enrollment was 30 pioneers in P.1 and P.2.  The main subjects taught were Numeracy and Literacy and sometimes physical education, music and storytelling.  Learning was under the trees and sit on the ground, learning starts from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM with school break from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM as estimated.  No specific time as school was lacking clock.

The children were learning according to their denominations.  The school was having mostly children from protestant families and it was operating without box number.

In 1961, the school became government aided and it was P.1 and P.2.  

Ways to help Pagwaya Primary School and the President's Leadership Circle Work

Donations can be made to Frostburg State University's Foundation - Account 70231 - FSU Water School.  All donations made to this account will be given to Water School Uganda and their help with schools like Pagwaya Primary.

Donations also can be made to Frostburg State University's Foundation - Account 70223 - Experiential Learning.  All donations made to this account will assist the Office of Leadership and Experiential Learning in providing more opportunities like this one to the students at FSU.

To make either donation, please contact Frostburg State University's Office of Leadership and Experiential Learning at 301.687.7013 or  


Pagwaya Primary School

Achievements Health and Sanitation of the School Due to FSU Students Assisting in 2015

(Water School Uganda and FSU PLC Students Provided the Following)

  • Provided tipi taps to all the three blocks of latrines.
  • Provided bottle of water for all the 846 pupils.
  • Provided games and sports materials.
  • Provided education on feminine hygiene to females.
  • Provided feminine hygiene products to females.
  • Provided education on teeth brushing, etc.
Achievements from Pagwaya Primary School in 2015
  • Increase enrollment since the introduction of Sodish has motivated the pupils in the schools.
  • Class control became easy, pupils could not move up and down searching for water.
  • Improvements in the performance of the school.
  • Reduction in pupils complaining of stomach ache as a result of drinking clean water.
  • Reduce the expenditure of treating pupils with stomach ache.
  • Absenteeism of pupils has been minimized.
Challenges Pagwaya Primary School Is Facing
  • Lack of classroom due to high enrollment.
  • Latrine stances ratio not good enough.
  • Lack of staff houses in the quarter.
  • Need to fence the school to avoid stay animals.
  • Fetching water from the river disorganizes class hours.
  • Getting detergents becomes a problem due low contribution from parents.
  • Bottles getting lost for pupils.
  • Resistance of parents to provide sanitary pads.

Pagwaya Primary School Motto

"Hard Work Pays"