Leadership Awards Categories

The Office of Leadership and Experiential Learning is proud to announce the Awards up for Nominations for the 2015 Leadership Awards Reception.  Please review the list below and read the descriptions for each.

Emerging Leader Award

This award recognizes an outstanding freshman or sophomore who has demonstrated leadership skills, involvement at FSU, and strong academic performance.

Social Change Award

This category recognizes an individual or organization who has worked to make a positive difference in our local, state, national, or global communities.  This individual or organization should have worked toward the enhancement of service to others.

Outstanding Programming Award

This award seeks to recognize a student organization for their time and talents to facilitate an engaging and thoughtful event for Frostburg State University.  This category recognizes programming that is inherently educational and/or social in nature.  Nominated programs should have raised awareness on some sort of issue or led to an understanding into the celebration of cultural differences.  Nominated programs should be linked to a recognized campus organization, student or faculty/staff member.  Nominated program should not be a part of a graded class assignment or with financial and structural support from the University.

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award

This category recognizes the support and contributions of an outstanding recognized student organization advisor at Frostburg State University.  This individual volunteers to advise an organization outside their current duties as a faculty or staff member.

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award

This category recognizes the support and contributions of an outstanding Faculty or Staff member and the contributions they have made to Frostburg State University students over the past academic year.  Recipients of this award are to have not only demonstrated excellence in their respective role on campus but also be cited for departmental support, going above and beyond their known job description and for being exceptionally courteous and cooperative when working with the student population.  This individual goes above and beyond their job description to serve students.

Father Ed Hendricks

This award recognizes a student leader who has demonstrated a genuine concern for the well-being of others.  Candidates for this award demonstrates compassion and commitment to our campus community.  Through their integrity and their many contributions to the campus, the recipient of this award has made a significant impact on Frostburg State University.  This award honors the legacy of Father Ed Hendricks, former Catholic Chaplain, and his distinguished service to Frostburg State University.

Pillar of the Community Award

The Pillar of the Community Award strives to identify and recognize those key leaders on campus that are impacting the greater campus community at Frostburg State University.  The Pillar of the Community Award is awarded to a student who embraces the Frostburg State University experience through active involvement with student life, commitment to serving others, engagement in the campus community, dedication to academic excellence, and by exuding pride in the University through thoughts, words, and actions.  The recipient of this award is recognized as among the best and the brightest student that Frostburg State University has to offer.  The Pillar of the Community Award is one of the highest awards offered at Frostburg State University.

Pillar Award

2017 Leadership Award Winners

Emerging Leader Award
Micah Hunter-Goskie

Social Change Award
Johana Gourdin

Outstanding Programming Award
The Clothesline Project

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award
Dr. Rebecca Birnie

Outstanding Faculty Award
Amy Branam-Armiento

Outstanding Staff Award
Danielle Dabrowski

Father Ed Hendricks Award
Canyon Lohnas

 Pillar of Community Award
Nicholas DeMichele