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The Leadership Retreat is an annual fall event in which dozens of freshmen are presented with the opportunity to become acclimated to the leadership "climate" of Frostburg State University.  By engaging in activities designed to build upon individual strengths and facilitate group skills, students are given the opportunity to become more cognizant and effective as leaders. This program also serves as a platform for positive mentorship by connecting freshmen with faculty and staff members in addition to seniors in the President's Leadership Circle.

"I attended the Leadership Retreat during my freshman year through the ECHOSTARS program and found it to be very motivational and inspiring.  My group was a blend of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors most of whom belonged to different organizations on campus such as SGA, Bobcat Ambassador, Delta Zeta, and many more.  I was also able to talk to them directly about how to go about getting involved on campus.  Because of the relationships that I established with my group members, mentors and other students leaders that weekend, I was able to take on more leadership roles, the second semester of my freshman year.  I became a bobcat ambassador, joined Delta Zeta and became a member of the Psychology club during my sophomore year.  From there on, my leadership skills continued to grow and more and more opportunities to be involved came my way; I attended Sloop, and got inducted into the President's Leadership Circle during my junior year.  I would not have been able to accomplish any of these things during my college career if I did not go to the leadership retreat, and made the connections I did that weekend.  It is a rewarding opportunity that I would advise any freshman to go if they have the chance to." Sandrine Akindo


Students participate in a series of ropes course activities as well as team building activities and group challenges.  Participants are also given ample time to bond with one another and build positive relationships through social time, group meals, board games, and even an evening bonfire.

"There was one activity in which everyone sat in a circle facing the outside.  We were all split in some sort of group and we had to close our eyes.  The announcer would call out a group and would say things like touch someone who has made you smile, or touch someone who has inspired you during the trip.  At that moment, I realized I had either made someone happy, encouraged someone, or made some sort of positive impact on someone's life without even knowing.  That activity brought tears to my eyes along with many other people.  Sometimes I thought that my actions were never noticed or the good that I've done didn't really make a difference but that activity proved otherwise.  I will never forget that moment, it made me realize that people are always watching you and you should always be aware of the type of image you're portraying." DeShawna Jones

When & Where:

The Leadership Retreat is a weekend long excursion to Camp Allegheny in Stoystown Pennsylvania.  Never fear - all participants are housed in cabins with beds, showers, electricity, and hot water.  This retreat takes place in September of each year.

2018 Leadership Retreat:
Leadership Retreat 2018

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FSU's Annual Retreat Gives Budding Leaders an Early Jump Start


James Venerable

“When going into Leadership Retreat, be open-minded. Wait until you get into the activities and you’ll see yourself form into it. You’ll get countless opportunities to meet new people and build your confidence, so take advantage.”

James Venerable – Leadership Retreat Peer Facilitator 2018


DeShawna Jones

"The Leadership Retreat was one of my favorite experiences at FSU.  Even in my junior year, I still talk about that experience with my friends."

DeShawna Jones - Leadership Retreat Participant 2012