Fall 2023- Spring 2024 Room and Board Prices


Room Charges

Room rates Fall 2023- Spring 2024 *

Building Type of Room Price per semester
Brownsville Hall A Suites: Two Singles individual sinks with shared bath 4,775.00
Brownsville Hall B Suites: Four Singles Suite with Two Bath 4,775.00
Brownsville Hall C Suites: Single in Double Suite with one shared Bath 4,625.00
Brownsville Hall C Suites: Double in Double Suite with one shared Bath 3,750.00
Allen, Diehl, Frost, Gray, and Simpson Uphill Double Rooms 2,800.00
Allen, Diehl, Frost, Gray, and Simpson Uphill Single Rooms 3,750.00
Annapolis, Cumberland, Frederick, and Westminster Downhill Single Rooms 4,050.00
Annapolis, Frederick, and Westminster Downhill Double Rooms 3,075.00
Allen, Diehl, Gray, and Simpson Uphill Deluxe Double rooms (Previously triple rooms) 3,000.00
Annapolis Downhill Deluxe Double Rooms (Previously triple rooms) 3,375.00

  *Note: All residential students pay a $35 Non-refundable Damage Fee per semester and a $15 Non-refundable Residential Leadership Programs Fee per semester


Board Charges (Students in the Residence Halls must pick one)

Fall 2023-Spring 2024 *

Plan Price per semester
15 Flex Meals, w/$50 Bonus 3,086.00
14 Flex Meals, w/$125 Bonus 3,086.00
12 Meals, w/$250 Bonus Dollars 2,667.00
Bobcat Black Bonus (Unrestricted meals in Chesapeake w/ $200 Bonus Dollars)  2,876.00
Bobcat Red Bonus(19 meals per week w/ $100 Bonus Dollars)   2,679.00
Bobcat White Bonus(14 meals per week w/ $100 Bonus Dollars) 2,568.00


Additional block meal plans - Available for students living off campus or in Edgewood Commons 

Board rates

Block meal plan prices Fall 2023- Spring 2024*
Plan Price per semester
Just a Nibble 45 meals & $200 Bonus 808.00
Snack Size 60 meals &  $150 Bonus 838.00
Quite Bite 75 meals & $350 Bonus   1,213.00
Full Meal Deal 100 meals & $225 Bonus    1,224.00

* Notwithstanding any other provision of this or any other University publication, the University reserves the right to make changes in tuition, fees, and other charges at any time such changes are deemed necessary by the University and the University System of Maryland Board of Regents.