School Counselors & Teachers

As school counselors and teachers, you are critical in assisting the RMSC staff. Here are a few ways for our school staff to get involved in our program:

  • Identifying Potential Students- The search for RMSC students begins in your classrooms. We are searching for potential first-generation and/or low-income students who are showing a desire to attend college and have interests in the fields of math and/or science. Please see our eligibility requirements to help you identify potential students.
  • Arranging School Visits and Disseminating Program Information- The RMSC staff will travel to your school to give presentations to interested groups of students and/or send you information fliers and applications to share with your students. RMSC staff also may contact school staff for assistance in arranging in-school meetings with current participants throughout the academic year.
  • Assisting Students with Applications- A student application contains student and parents sections, an academic verification form for school counselors to complete and recommendation forms for science teachers and math teachers to complete. Students are required to have all forms complete in order to be considered.
  • Providing Grade and Performance Updates- RMSC staff work with school staff to get current grades and feedback on student performance so we can better assist our students. In addition, RMSC students must be meeting the RMSC eligibility requirements to participate in some program functions.

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