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Rights & Responsibilities - Conditions of Awards

In addition to filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA form), an undergraduate or graduate student must meet other requirements in order to be eligible for financial aid at Frostburg State University. In order to qualify for financial aid a student must

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Be formally admitted to a program leading toward a degree or certificate
  • Be a student with a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent
  • Not owe a refund on a Federal Grant or be in default of a Federal Educational Loan.
  • If you are male, be registered for Selective Service.

In addition to these basic requirements, students must also adhere to the conditions of their awards. Receiving a financial aid award letter does not mean that your application is complete or that your financial aid package is final.

You may find out if you are required to submit any additional information to the Financial Aid Office by viewing your "To Do List" in your PAWS account.

A successful log on will open the SA Self Service menu. Follow these “breadcrumbs” to access your "To Do List".

Self Service>Learner Services>Personal Portfolio>To Do List

Each student is responsible for fulfilling the conditions of awards before any aid can be credited to a student's account. For example, the student must

  • Be enrolled at Frostburg State University
  • Complete the financial aid Verification process (if selected)
  • Complete all paperwork or online processes required for each type of financial aid award.

Completion of Required Paperwork or Online Processes
A student may be required to complete one or more online processes before a financial aid offer is officially considered accepted. Examples of such processes include the completion of a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for each loan offered to a student or parent, and the completion of the online student entrance-counseling interview for first-time loan borrowers at Frostburg State University.

All instructions for completing the requirements and accepting each form of student financial aid are posted on our website or are sent to the student via email. It is very important that every student check their FSU email account regularly for important announcements and updates. Information concerning the completion of student loan MPN's will be available from the Loan section of our website after June 1.

Completion of the Financial Aid Verification Process
If your Student Aid Report (the output information from your FAFSA) indicates that you have been selected for verification by the federal processor, you will be responsible for providing, at the minimum, a signed federal tax return transcript (or make corrections to your FAFSA utilitizing the IRS Data Retrieval Tool located in the FAFSA) and a verification worksheet to the Financial Aid Office. This information must be received by the last day of the student’s enrollment period (last day of classes) or the student may not receive any financial aid, including loans.

If you are a dependent student you will also be required to submit a signed copy of your parent(s) federal tax return transcript or have your parents utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA.

If you are an independent student and you are married, you will also be required to submit a copy of your spouses signed federal tax return transcript if they filed separately.

The Financial Aid Office has the right to request additional information in order to complete the verification process. The required verification forms can be downloaded from the section of this website entitled "Printable Forms."

If your tax information differs from the information on which your FAFSA is based, your awards will be adjusted accordingly. Stafford Loans cannot be processed, nor can any grant funds be disbursed, until the verification requirements are satisfied.

If the amount or type of aid changes, you will receive a Revised Financial Aid Notification. We cannot finalize your aid until the verification process is complete.  Please keep in mind that we are no longer able to accept copies of tax returns (1040 forms).

Instructions on obtaining tax transcripts from the IRS are attached to all of our verification worksheets.  If you are attempting to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you may want to consider viewing our IRS Data Retrieval Tutorial, located under the "Video Instructions" section of this website. 

Please be aware that in some cases additional documentation may be required.  Our office must also sometimes request information pertaining to high school graduation, citizenship, selective service registration, child support, income generating assets, untaxed income and/or any need based benefits.  Additionally, our office is required by federal law to resolve any conflicting information before processing a student's financial aid, which may include tax filing or marital status.