Connecting to the Palo Alto VPN

Step-by-step guide (if you are connecting from a FSU-owned computer, determine if the VPN is already installed)

  1. Open a browser to https://vpn.frostburg.edu
  2. Login using your FSU user credentials without the ‘@frostburg.edu’
  3. You will be directed to a page where you will be able to download the appropriate client for use with the VPN. Once you click on the appropriate link, select to run the client install.
  4. Once downloaded run the install and select all of the defaults.
  5. Once installed, you may close the install and browser windows.
  6. You are then presented with the client login application (Global Protect).
  7. In the portal field enter: 'vpn.frostburg.edu' and then enter your user credentials in the other field without the ‘@frostburg.edu’. Click connect.
  8. Once connected you may minimize the client and access resources just as though you are on campus.

For future connections, you will only need to launch the client and not the browser.

In the future, you will be prompted for any client upgrades as they become available.

When you are finished, be sure to click the disconnect button to log off the VPN and close your client window.

To manually connect to network drives, in the search field on your computer type the following and press enter:

For your H drive- \\fsunas1\usersdir\username (where username is your FSU username)

For your P drive- \\fsunas1\deptshares (then scroll down to find your department’s particular folder)

For your U drive- \\fsunas1\campus$

*For network drives, if you are connecting from a non-FSU owned computer, you will be prompted for credentials. Enter your FSU username in the format username@frostburg.edu.

If you need to remote control a computer or server on campus and it has already been setup with access for you, open Remote Desktop connection on your computer and type in the name or IP address of the machine you wish to connect to. Click Connect, then when prompted enter your FSU username in the format username@frostburg.edu or Frostburg\username. You may have to click "Use another account" if you are connecting from a non-FSU owned computer.