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Welcome to my model engineering and mechanical engineering pages! These pages will change as time goes on so I encourage you to stop back every so often. If you have any comments or requests, you can e-mail me at glatta@frostburg.edu

Years ago, while recovering from a life threatening motor vehicle accident, I happened to purchase a 7" x 12" metal working lathe. I had always wanted a metal lathe, and I remember to this day seeing that lathe advertised in the paper as part of a truckload tool sale at our county fairgrounds. I found that I absolutely loved working with metal and with the lathe, even more than I had loved working with wood and electronics in the past. That was the beginning of a passion for metal working and model engineering that has been growing ever since.

Now, years (and thousands of dollars) later I am the proud owner of my own machine shop, metal stockroom, metal working library, and a growing collection of items, all of which I have designed and/or built. The collection currently includes a variety of horizontal and vertical steam engines, an impulse steam turbine, a reaction steam turbine, a Sterling engine, model machine tools, a gyroscope, and a variety of machine tool accessories.

I have learned a tremendous amount over the years, and in the process I have ruined my share of tooling and parts, burned out a lathe motor and lathe controller board, and in general made virtually every mistake in the book possible.. (This is fine, since it is through mistakes that we learn.) I still of course make mistakes, (otherwise, I would not continue to learn!) but nowadays my mistakes tend to be the type cost me time, rather than money. This is a good thing, since I am not made out of money!

There are many fine pages on the web on metal working, model engineering, mechanical engineering, and machining, but as a college professor I figured it was time to take my years of university teaching experience, nearly 50 years as a photographer, and own shop experiences and put my own twist on things. In these pages I hope to pass on what I have learned so that it may benefit others. Enjoy!

Hero Engine

Hero Reaction Turbine Engine

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