Diffuse Nebulae

Digital Photographs and Associated Astronomical Information By Dr. Greg Latta
And The CCD Astronomy Team At
Frostburg State University

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M42.GIF The magnificent Orion Nebula
M4228kB CaptionCaption
M42HALFHalf resolution wide-field image, including NGC 1977 (26kB)
M42FULLFull resolution wide-field image, including NGC 1977 (90kB)
Several views of the famous Orion Nebula in the belt of Orion. Part of the nebula NGC 1977 is also visible at the top of the wide-field views.

HORSE.GIF The famous Horsehead nebula in Orion
GIF78kB CaptionCaption
A view of the famous Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion, a beautiful example of a dark nebula.

M8.GIF The Lagoon nebula in Sagittarius
GIF51kB CaptionCaption
The Lagoon nebula in the constellation Sagittarius, so named for the dark lane that passes through the middle of the nebula.

M17.GIF M17, the Swan, Horseshoe, or Omega nebula in Sagittarius
GIF30kB GIFCloser View (25kB) CaptionCaption
M17, the Swan nebula in Sagittarius. The nebula also resembles a horseshoe or the letter "omega" in the Greek alphabet, so it is also known as the Horseshoe or Omega nebula. The closeup view was taken with a barlow lens installed on the telescope.

M20.GIF M20, the Trifid nebula in Sagittarius
GIF53kB CaptionCaption
M20, the Trifid nebula in the constellation Sagittarius, a classic example of a diffuse nebula

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