Digital Photographs and Associated Astronomical Information By Dr. Greg Latta
And The CCD Astronomy Team At
Frostburg State University

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M31M32.GIF The great Andromeda Galaxy M31 and one of its companions, M32
GIF52kB CaptionCaption
A view of the Great Andomeda Galaxy and one of its companion galaxies, M32, which can be seen at the bottom of the picture, slightly left of center.

GIF 4x close up of M32, a companion galaxy to M31
GIF19kB CaptionCaption
A 4x closeup view of the elliptical galaxy M32, a companion galaxy to M31.

NGC205.GIF NGC205, another companion galaxy to M31
GIF44kB CaptionCaption
NGC205, the largest of the companion galaxies to M31.

M51.GIF M51, the famous "Whirlpool Galaxy" in Canes Venatici
GIF30kB GIF3x Close Up Zoom (41kB) CaptionCaption
M51, the first galaxy found to show a spiral form.

M101.GIF M101, a spiral galaxy in Ursa Major, the Big Dipper
GIF42kB CaptionCaption
M101, a beautiful Sc type spiral galaxy.

NGC6207.GIF NGC6207, a remote galaxy in Hercules
GIF12kB CaptionCaption
NGC6207, a remote, Sc type spiral galaxy.

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