The AA8V Twinplex Regenerative Receiver
by Greg Latta, AA8V

6SN7GTB General Information and 6SN7GTB Tube Data Sheets

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By Dr. Greg Latta, AA8V


Featuring two triodes in a glass envelope with an octal base, the 6SN7 is one of the most popular dual triodes ever made. Some might argue that it is the best general purpose dual triode ever made. It is still in current production, both in China and in Europe. My receiver uses a 6SN7GT made by Sovtek that I purchased from Antique Electronic Supply. For a receiver such as this, however, just about any brand of 6SN7 will do, and a used one will work fine, provided it isn't worn out.

First released before WWII, the 6SN7 found wide use throughout the war, especially in radar equipment. After the war, huge numbers were available surplus and were used in early computers, televisions, and audio equipment. The tube is still used today in high end audio equipment.

The 6SN7 is larger and more rugged than the miniature dual triodes such as the 12AU7 and the 6CG7. It has a higher plate dissipation, but is also larger and has a bigger footprint, which is why it lost ground and was eventually replaced in most applications by the smaller miniature tubes.

An excellent source of information on the 6SN7 is John Atwood's web site

For more detailed information on the 6SN7GTB dual triode tube, click on the links below to read the data sheets.

6SN7GTB Data Sheets from General Electric:

General Electric 6SN7GTB Data Sheets
 Page:  Contents:
 1  General Descriptions and Ratings
 2  Maximum Ratings
 3  Characteristics and Typical Operation, (Includes Class A Resistance Coupled Amplifier Information)
 4  Average Plate Characteristic Curves
 5  Curves for Average Transfer Characteristics and Average Characteristics

Click here for the General Electric 6SN7GTB Data Sheets in PDF format.
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