The AA8V/W8EXI 6CL6 One-Tube Transmitter
by Greg Latta, AA8V
Power Transformer Specifications/Requirements

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The actual power transformer used in the 6CL6 transmitter is a Stancor P-6010, but there are many suitable transformers. The transformer requirements are as follows:

5V at 2A for the 5Y3 rectifier tube
6.3V at 0.65A for the 6CL6 oscillator tube
700V center tap at 40mA for the plate supply

Current requirements are minimum requirements. Larger current capacities are fine, such as 5V at 3A, 6.3V at 2A, or 700V at 90mA etc. Voltage requirements are less flexible. There must be a 5V and a 6.3V secondary. The high voltage secondary can be from approximately 600V to 750 volts center tapped, but voltages different from 700V will require an adjustment in the 7.7K voltage regulator dropping resistor. The resistance will need to be lowered for lower transformer voltages and raised for higher transformer voltages.

You can probably find a suitable used transformer by scrounging around at hamfests. An excellent place to buy a new transformer (and all the other parts you will need as well), is Antique Electronic Supply. I have had many dealings with Antique Electronic Supply and recommend them highly. When I checked on August 10th, 2003 they had the following suitable transformers in stock:

P-T6415 at $29.95
P-T273DZ at $58.58
P-T143 at $59.95

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