The Heathkit HW-101
by Greg Latta, AA8V

Manuals, Advertisements, and Data Sheets

Manual Cover
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Heathkit HW-101 Pages:
 Heathkit HW-101 - Main Page Photos of the Rrestored Transceiver  Alignment
 Photos of the Unrestored Transceiver  Modifications
 Transceiver Restoration  Schematic Diagrams
 Power Supply Restoration  Manuals, Advertisements, and Data Sheets
 Power Supply Schematic Diagram and Circuit Descriptions  

Important Safety Note: Working on or testing equipment such as the Heathkit HW-101 transceiver and the HP-23 power supply is extremely dangerous since very high voltages are present when the equipment is turned on, and may even be present when the equipment is turned off and unplugged. If at all possible, do all work with the equipment off and unpluggedand be sure that the capacitors are properly discharged before working on the equipment. The operator assumes all risk and liability in such matters! Do not work on this type of equipment unless you are experienced with working around very high voltages!

Manuals, Data Sheets, and Advertisements:

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 HW-101 Manual
 HP-23 Power Supply Manual
 HW-101 Service Bulletins
Reviews and Advertisements: 
 Ham Radio Advertisement 1977
 Practical Wireless Review 2007
 Tube and FET Data Sheets:
 All Data Sheets

There is nothing more important in restoring and operating a piece of equipment than having a copy of the operating manual. The operating manual can give important operating information that will allow the owner to get the most out of the equipment, and it is next to impossible to repair and restore a piece of equipment without the schematic diagram which is also contained in the manual..

I hunted through the web to obtain the files below. I am not the one who originally scanned the documents in .PDF format. I frankly do not remember where I found them, and therefore express my thanks to those who did scan them and my apologies that I was not able to give credit to those that so generously made them available.

Besides the manual and schematic diagram, it is always nice to see advertisements and modifications for a piece of gear that one owns. The ads help place the gear in its proper perspective and show how it fits into the grand scheme of things. Below you will find advertisements for the HW-101 that appeared in Ham Radio and Practical Wireless in the 1970s.

I hope you will find the files below useful in restoring, operating, and enjoying your HW-101
73 and see you on the air,
Greg AA8V

HW-101 Manual:
This is the most useful file on this page. It is the complete 245 page manual for the Heathkit HW-101. Everything you need to know about your HW-101 is here including:

Parts Packaging
Circuit Board Assembly
Control and Connector Functions
Preliminary Checks
Coil Cover and Tube Installation
Power Supply Connections
Microphone Connections
Initial Test
Cabinet Installation
In Case of Difficulty
Circuit Description
Chassis Photographs
Circuit Board X-Ray Views

Manual Cover
Click here or on the image above for the HW-101 manual.

HP-23 Power Supply Manual:
This is second most useful file on this page. It is the complete 21 page manual for the Heathkit HP-23 power supply that powers the HW-101, SB-102, and other similar Heathkit equipment. Everything you need to know about the HP-23 power supply can be found here.

Click here or on the image at right for the HP-23 manual.
Click here to learn more about restoring the HP-23 power supply.
Click here for the HP-23 power supply schematics and circuit descriptions.

HP-23 Power Supply Manual
Click here or on the image above for the HP-23 manual.

HW-101 Service Bulletins:
This file contains the service bulletins for the HW-101 issued by Heathkit from February 11th, 1971 to November 19th, 1979.

Service Bulletins
Click here or on the image above for the service bulletins.

Ham Radio Advertisement 1977:
An advertisement for the HW-101 in the May, 1977 issue of Ham Radio magazine.

Ham Radio Advertisement
Click here or on the image above for an advertisement for the HW-101 in Ham Radio magazine.

Practical Wireless Review 2007:
A retrospective review of the HW-101 in the November, 2007 issue of Practical Wireless magazine.

Practical Wireless Review
Click here or on the image above for a retrospective review of the HW-101 in Practical Wireless magazine.

Tube and FET Data Sheets:
The following data sheets contain everything you need to know about the tubes and FET used in the HW-101:

6146A Data Sheet
0A2 Data Sheet
6AU6A Data Sheet
6BN8 Data Sheet
6CB6A Data Sheet
6CL6 Data Sheet
6EA8 Data Sheet
6GW8 Data Sheet
6HS6 Data Sheet
12AT7 Data Sheet
12AU7A Data Sheet
MPF-105 Data Sheet

Data Sheets
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the appropriate data sheet.

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