In Memoriam

Pansye Atkinson

Pansye Smith Atkinson M’77, who died Feb. 16, 2022, launched minority student recruitment efforts at Frostburg State in 1969 with her husband, William. She served the University for the next 36 years, starting as the coordinator of the Integration Office, later becoming the first director of the Office of Minority Affairs. In 1986, she transitioned to Human Resources, heading the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Office until her retirement in 2005. The diverse and dynamic student body that Frostburg has now is an important part of her legacy. Before coming to Frostburg, she taught music in Baltimore City Public Schools, and studied at Peabody Conservatory of Music and Towson State University. Throughout her career she continued her interests and activities in the arts, often organizing and presenting dramatic and musical programs at FSU. She authored numerous articles and books, including Brown vs. Topeka: Desegregation and Miseducation: An African American’s View, published in 1993. She was presented with the Allegany County NAACP Branch 7007 Lifetime Achievement Award. The Ort Library Special Collections houses the Pansye Atkinson Collection, papers and artifacts from her distinguished career. She is survived by two daughters, Dianne A. Hudson and Kimberly A. Naylor.

Jorn Bramann

Dr. Jörn Bramann, who died on Jan. 31, 2022, was a professor emeritus of philosophy. He was a member of Frostburg’s faculty from 1972 to 2010. After completing studies in philosophy and literature at the University of Cologne, Germany, Bramann attended the University of Wyoming as a Fulbright Scholar and earned his doctorate at the University of Oregon. Among other distinctions, Bramann was the recipient of multiple fellowships from the National Endowment for Humanities, and he was a visiting professor of philosophy at the University of Dortmund, Germany. His teaching interests included Wittgenstein, Marxism, philosophy and art, and philosophy and poetry. In 1981, he started the literary journal Nightsun as a forum for philosophical discussions and writings. A prodigious reader and writer, Bramann authored several books, both scholarly (including Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and the Modern Arts) and autobiographical (including Walden Zero), and several plays, some of which he produced on video (including Buddhist Lovers and Other Troubles).

Dennis Gartner

Dr. Dennis Gartner, who died Feb. 20, 2022, was a professor emeritus of English. A gifted educator, he taught courses in composition and American colonial and romantic literature. He served as chair of the English Department from 1985-1991 and was active in faculty governance throughout his 34-year career at FSU. He was the recipient of an NEH fellowship. While on sabbatical in spring 1998, he developed a comprehensive Literature and Composition Resources website. Gartner helped establish the first departmental teaching computer lab. His special love was teaching, but he began a love affair with theatre in high school, continuing as an actor and director in college and with the Frostburg Community Theatre. He also served on the board of the History House museum (now Gordon-Roberts House) in Cumberland. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Mary Gartner, former FSU associate provost, son Andrew Gartner, stepson Joshua Guttmacher and a granddaughter.

Kathie Shaffer

Dr. Kathie Shaffer ’83/M’85, who died on March 1, 2022, was a professor in the Department of Accounting. “Since joining FSU in 1987, Kathie served the Department of Accounting, the College of Business, and this institution with her signature excellence, passion and dedication,” said Dr. Sudhir Singh, dean of the College of Business. “From her early days at the institution, Kathie entered the life of the campus immersively, serving in several consequential committees at the University level, including as chair of the Faculty Senate and extending her professional and educational expertise to serve the broader community in truly durable and impactful ways.” She consulted for Booz Allen, Domino Sugar and other companies, and she extensively published academic research in regional and nationally peer-reviewed journals. Shaffer established the Guy G. Shaffer Family Presidential Merit Scholarship in Accounting at FSU. She is survived by her children, Cindy-Beth Carter and Travis Wilson.

Steve Simpson

Dr. Stephen J. Simpson, who died Feb. 21, 2022, was a longtime professor of political science, who also served as provost for 12 years and as acting dean. He was a scholar in the areas of the American presidency and the media and politics. Part of the Frostburg community as faculty and administrator since 1978, teaching was his true calling and love. Students regarded him as a valued mentor whether he was serving as their academic advisor, professor or as an advisor to student government. “He is leaving a rich legacy, generations of students impassioned about politics and understanding better the world around them, while having enjoyed the benefit of his jokes, his wit and his command for whatever classes he taught,” said his colleague Tim Magrath. As provost, Simpson was proud of the focus he placed on interdisciplinary studies and the active role he took with faculty governance. He is credited with facilitating the development of the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and taught in the program. The Stephen Simpson Political Science Scholarship was established in his honor. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Lisa Morshead, a former faculty member in the Department of Psychology.



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