The AA8V Wingfoot 813 Amplifier
High Technology Of The 1950's In The 2000's
by Greg Latta, AA8V

Power Supply Circuit Description and Schematic Diagram

Wingfoot 813 Amplifier Pages
 Main Page and Front and Side Views  Typical Amplifier Operating Conditions
 Interior and Back Views  Tank Coil Information
 Amplifier Circuit Description and Schematic Diagram  Power Supply Photos
 813 Tube Information  Power Supply Circuit Description and Schematic Digram

Power Supply Circuit Descriptions
 Plate Screen Schematic
Plate and Plate/Screen Supply
 Bias Supply Schematic
Bias Supply
 T1 Primary Schematic
Transformer T1 Primary Wiring
 Inrush Circuit
Inrush Delay Circuit
 Connector Wiring
Power Connector Wiring

Circuit Design Considerations:
The Wingfoot 813 amplifier power supply was designed and built partly by Jim Trutko, W8EXI, and me. The chassis work, transformer and choke mounting, and most of the wiring was done by Jim. I am responsible for critical design and safety changes, the front panel labeling, repairs, all of the new rectifiers, and all of the new filter capacitors and bleeder resistors. The power supply was primarily designed to go with the Wingfoot 813 amplifier, but it was also designed to be versitile and to perhaps be used with other amplifiers. As such a variety of output voltages are available simply by changing switches on the front panel. Nominal output of the power supply is 2240 volts DC at about 160 mA, 450 volts DC at about 45 mA, and up to -150 volts DC at about 30 mA.

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