Retirement Resources

FSU retirement plans are based upon exemption status and employment classification, i.e., Nonexempt, Exempt, or 12-month Faculty. Enrollment in a retirement plan is mandatory. 


Your retirement selection must be made on your first day and cannot be changed thereafter. You must also have the appropriate enrollment forms completed in BLACK ink and ready to hand in on your first day. Because the state forms require a notary, do not sign the forms until you are in the presence of a human resources representative.


Supplemental Plans

In addition to the state-mandated programs, the State of Maryland offers supplemental retirement annuity (SRA) plans through several providers. Participation in an SRA is voluntary, and you may enroll/change at any time.

Contributions to your SRA are deducted from your salary on a pre-tax basis and may be changed at any time during the year.

All employees are eligible to participate in any of the Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) plans offered by the following providers: