Applying for a Job at FSU

Your interest in employment at Frostburg State University (FSU) is sincerely appreciated.

For Job Seekers

Hints on Applying for Employment at FSU

Following are some helpful hints on how to apply for employment at the University, along with information about the application and employment process at FSU. Keeping these points in mind will help to ensure that your application materials receive optimum consideration for employment.

  • Carefully read the ads for open positions at the University.

    Each ad will describe the position duties and responsibilities, list minimum and preferred qualifications, and explain how to apply. Read the ad carefully to determine if you are interested in and qualified for the position, and then follow the directions thoroughly if you decide to apply.

    Applicants who do not meet at least the minimum qualifications for a position are screened out of the applicant pool and not considered for employment in that position.

  • Be specific about the open position for which you want to apply.

    Clearly mark the title and number of the position (Administrative Assistant II #07-010000, for example) on your application materials, especially the letter of interest.

    Since FSU routinely posts numerous ads at once, sometimes several with the same job title, and a different Search Committee reviews applications for each open position, it is essential to specify which position you are interested in to ensure your entry in the correct applicant pool. If applying for an adjunct teaching position, clearly specify your area(s) of teaching interest.

    Apply for every position for which you want to be considered. The University does not maintain an applicant interest file for unsolicited applications or keep applications on file for contact in the event a suitable position becomes available.

  • Make sure your application materials are complete as requested in the ad for the position.

    Each ad will specify the application materials requested, often a letter of interest, resume, and contact information for three professional references. In some cases, additional materials such as transcripts, teaching evaluations, samples of work, or letters of reference may be requested.

    Be sure to submit all materials requested. Remember to include all attachments if e-mailing application materials. If any materials such as transcripts or letters of reference are being submitted separately, note in your letter of interest that these supplemental materials are forthcoming. Applications that are incomplete at the time of Search Committee review generally are not considered for employment.

    Other than for certain trades positions, FSU does not use an application form. Please do not contact the Office of Human Resources to ask for an application packet. Follow the directions in the ad to determine the application materials requested.

  • Submit your application to the address specified in the ad for the position.

    Unless specified otherwise in the ad, application materials are to be sent directly to the Office of Human Resources at FSU. (Certain trades positions are filled through the Allegany County One Stop Job Center in the McMullen Building at 138 Baltimore Street in Cumberland, Maryland. Ads for those positions will clearly specify that the Job Center is responsible for the distribution and collection of applications.)

    The Office of Human Resources will forward your application materials to the Search Committee making the hiring decision. Misdirecting your application to a Search Committee Chair, the hiring department, the Chair of an academic department, a Dean's office, a Vice President's office, the Office of the President, or elsewhere will delay processing of your materials and could prevent you from being included in an applicant pool if your materials are not forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.

  • Apply on time.

    FSU does not accept late applications. Check the ad for an application deadline and be sure to submit your materials no later than the specified date.

    The Office of Human Resources accepts applications that are mailed and postmarked no later than the advertised application deadline date. Hand-delivered applications are accepted in the Office of Human Resources (or at the Job Center for certain trades positions) until the close of business on the application deadline date. Applications also can be e-mailed to or faxed to 301-687-4118 no later than 12:00 midnight on the application deadline date.


  • Do not expect an interview until after the application deadline date.

    The Office of Human Resources oversees the search process from start to finish, but forwards applications to the appropriate Search Committees to screen, conduct interviews, and recommend candidates for hire. No candidates will be interviewed and no hiring decision will be made until the application deadline has passed. Please do not contact the Office of Human Resources to ask about the status of an open position if the advertised application deadline date has not yet passed - at that point, we will simply be continuing to accept applications.

  • Make yourself readily available if contacted for interview.

    After all applications received by the deadline have been screened, the Search Committee contacts candidates chosen for interview.Be sure to reply promptly in the event you are contacted to schedule an interview, since the Search Committee can move on to other qualified candidates if you fail to respond. In some cases, the Search Committee will conduct telephone interviews before scheduling campus visits. Candidates who are interviewed receive more information about the position, the University, and the hiring process at the time of interview.

  • Realize that meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee you will be interviewed.

    Do not assume you will be interviewed for a position at FSU simply because you meet the minimum qualifications as listed in the ad. After applications are screened to determine who meets minimum qualifications, the Search Committee ranks applicants further according to the quality and amount of education, experience, knowledge, and skills that each one possesses. Due to the large number of applications the University often receives, many from well-qualified candidates, not every qualified applicant can be interviewed.