Fall 2020 Plan and Information
COVID-19 Updates and Information

COVID19 -Residence Hall Plan

In an effort to encourage social distancing and reduce the spread of COVID-19, the residence hall rooms at Frostburg State University will all be single occupancy for Fall of 2020.

You may have questions about this, here are some answers. For answers to other questions, please contact studentaffairs@frostburg.edu or rlo@frostburg.edu or Residence Life at 301-687-4121.

Per the email sent to all students on June 11th:

Dear Bobcat Student Community:

As Frostburg State University finalizes its plans for Moving Forward, we are reviewing all the guidance and best practices from CDC and the University System of Maryland experts to plan for our students and the fall semester. In order to reduce density on the FSU campus and increase social distancing for the upcoming academic year, all campus residence halls will be single occupancy.

Please review the following information regarding residential housing for the 2020/2021 academic year and some financial relief options.

  • The residence halls on the Upper Quad, Lower Quad, and Edgewood Commons will all have single rooms for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters.
  • Room rates have been established for each of the residence halls and are posted on the Residence Life Office’s COVID-19 Residence Hall Plan web page.
  • Because the switch to all singles is in response to the COVID-19 crisis, CARES Act funding will be available to help families with the residence hall costs when the semester begins.
    • We will authorize $375 of CARES Act funding each semester for eligible students who are residing in our campus residential halls. This translates to $25 per week of housing assistance.
    • With this assistance, the residential living experience for students in 6 of our 12 residence halls will be less than the doubles rate for most recent academic year.
    • Because of CARES Act regulations:
      1. Students must apply for the assistance and funds will be issued directly to the student. The students must then apply those funds to their account.
      2. Students cannot apply until the beginning of each semester for the financial assistance. Recognizing that fact, the University will allow students to carry a balance of $375 as the semester begins with the expectation that students will pay their bill in full once the money is disbursed.
  • While we count Edgewood Commons as one of our on-campus residences, Edgewood Commons is managed by an outside company and contracts will continue to be administered by that company. We will, however, provide the $375 to students in residence for the full semester in Edgewood Commons.

In addition, some CARES funding will still be available in the fall for students who had a direct impact because of COVID-19. Students will have the ability to file for assistance, as was the case this past spring.

Students or families who have questions about on-campus housing can contact Ms. Kim Hinds-Brush, Director of Residence Life, at kmhindsbrush@frostburg.edu or Ms. Katie Buehner, Assistant Director of Residence Life, at ksbuehner@frostburg.edu for more information.

Per the email sent to all students on June 4th:

Dear Bobcat Nation:

As President Nowaczyk announced on May 29, if the University of Maryland System and the State of Maryland permit us to bring students to campus this fall, a major element of that decision will be our residential housing plan.

One key part of our potential operating plan will be to convert all residence hall rooms to single occupancy. This provides more opportunity for social distancing and reduces the density across the campus. To accommodate this change, a new rate structure has been created and can be seen at https://www.frostburg.edu/student-life/residence-life/residence-life-office/room-and-board-charges.php.

Since all residential students must live in a single-occupancy room, students who have previously signed up with a roommate for double-occupancy rooms will be contacted by Residence Life to choose a single room.

While our new rate structure is designed to lessen the financial impact of not being able to share a room, we also realize that this plan may still create some financial hardship. We are looking at methods to provide some assistance with the housing cost differential between the double rates and the required single occupancy plan. Please also note that Housing Contract is for one full academic year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused much angst for so many people, and part of that unease has come from the unknown. We will continue to be as transparent as possible with students as our plans develop. However, as recent events have shown, these plans may change based upon directives we receive from the State of Maryland and guidance from the University System of Maryland. We will apprise you of any changes to our residential plans should they happen, as quickly as we can.

I would encourage you to sign up for a single space ASAP, as the number of students living on campus will be limited by the change to single occupancy.

If you have questions, please contact the Residence Life Office at 301-687-4121 or rlo@frostburg.edu.

Stay Safe!

Dr. Artie Lee Travis
Vice President of Student Affairs


Costs listed are for the Fall 2020 semester

Room Charges Fall 2020 - COVID19 Single Room Plan

Building Type of Room Semester Price
New Residence Hall A Suites: Two Singles individual sinks with shared bath 4,675.00
New Residence Hall B Suites: Four Singles Suite with Two Bath 4,325.00
New Residence Hall C Suites: Small Single in Double Suite with one shared Bath 4,175.00
New Residence Hall C Suites: Large Single in Double Suite with one shared Bath 4,400.00
Allen, Diehl, Sowers, Frost, Gray, and Simpson Singles and previously double rooms 2,850.00
Annapolis and Cumberland Singles and previously double rooms 3,525.00
Frederick and Westminster Singles and previously double rooms 3,750.00
Allen, Diehl, Sowers, Gray, and Simpson Previously triple rooms 3,000.00
Annapolis Previously triple rooms 3,675.00

Will the halls be open in Fall 2020?

Yes, at this point the plan is that campus, including the residence halls, will be open in Fall 2020. In an effort to encourage social distancing all residence hall rooms will be single occupancy.

Is Housing Selection still happening?

Yes! If you have completed your housing application please look for an email from our office regarding room selection. Students currently in assigned may choose to keep their room or be placed into the room selection process beginning June 12th.

Is there still a requirement for first and second year students to live on campus?

Yes, the residency requirement has not changed. 

Is there financial assistance available for Housing?

We encourage you to reach out to the Financial Aid Office about your specific financial situation. 

Are the residence halls full for Fall 2020?

Not at this time, please submit your housing application in the Housing Portal

Can I choose to live in a double?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to house more than one student in a room for the Fall 2020 semester.

Can I still live in a specialty housing option (ECHOStars, STEM, Honors, Education, Nursing and Health Sciences, etc)?

Yes! We will be using your preferences for specialty housing option as well as room type to house first year students for Fall 2020. Incoming student assignments will be communicated in early to mid July.

Is Edgewood Commons changing their occupancy as well?

Please visit Edgewood Commons website for up to date information about their plans for Fall 2020 

I requested a roommate, could I live near them in the hall even though I can't share a room with them?

Absolutely! We use roommate requests in our process for assigning students rooms and will attempt to place you near your requested roommate. Roommates can still be requested under the Room Selection tab of the housing portal.

Questions about Spring 2020:

When can I come back to move my belongings out?

If your belongings are still in the residence hall, please contact our office at 301-687-4121 or rlo@frostburg.edu to select a move out time. 

Current resident students will need to check out of the residence halls. In keeping with CDC guidance around social distancing, we are limiting the number of students who can be in the buildings at any given time to collect their belongings. You will see now on your housing portal that there is now a place for you to choose a move out day and time. Please note that you may only come during your appointment time.

I need more than 2 hours to move, can I sign up for two slots?

No, please move all of your belongings out in your two hour slot. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact the Residence Life Office. 

Are my belongings still in my room?

Yes, we have not removed any belongings from student rooms. Any belongings still in rooms after June 14th may be packed and stored for you. A $250 fee may be associated with this service.

I have (or have been exposed to) COVID-19, can I wait to collect my belongings?

Yes! We want to look out for your health as well as those around you. Please contact the Residence Life Office to inform us and we will work with you to schedule a time 2 weeks after last symptoms or last exposure for you to collect your belongings.

Will there be helpers available to assist in moving my belongings out?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide moving assistance because of our adherence to the CDC's guidance regarding social distancing. We encourage you to plan accordingly and bring a friend or family member to assist you.  

I already moved all of my belongings out of my room, can I mail my key back?

Yes, you may mail back your key to our office. It would be best to tape it to an index card with your name, room, and hall number, then send it in a padded envelope. Our address is:

Residence Life Office
101 Braddock Rd.
Frostburg, MD 21532

Will I get a refund for my room and board?

A pro-rated refund plan for on-campus rooms and meal plans for students not approved to return to campus is being developed. All students should have received an email from University Billing by March 31st regarding this matter.