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Eugenia Asare’s internship at the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md., allowed her to work with the world’s leading anthrax experts.

 “Research like this seems to be something you do at a Harvard or Yale, but to come from Frostburg and to be able to represent my school at NIH, it really is encouraging,” Asare said.

Robert Lemaire, president of BURG Peer Education Network, was awarded the 2016 BACCHUS Outstanding Student Award for his involvement with BURG’s numerous influential activities on campus to promote a healthy and safe environment.

“It’s rewarding, even though you don’t get to see it right away,” Lemaire said about his efforts into BURG. “It’s kind of like running a marathon. As you go along, you just keep building up, and you get to the end, and you get to see that you finished, but you don’t always get to see all the lives you touched along the way.”

Kathleena Morgan '15 is an associate analyst, functional, at General Dynamics Information Technology.

Sandrine Akindo '15 is studying for her master’s degree in industrial relations and human resource management at West Virginia University

Mary Biscoe '12 is an assistant state’s attorney for Baltimore City.

Michael Schoelen '14 is a GIS administrator at Defense Health Agency for the Department of Defense.

Josh Volpe '12/M'15 is a public health analyst for the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Celina Szymanski '13 is managing editor for PS: Political Science & Politics, American Political Science Association.

Zachary Bensley '11/M'15 is a software engineer at TechSmartKids.

Dr. Elizabeth Care '12 is a veterinarian with Western Maryland Animal Hospital.



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