Housing Contract Release Requests

Housing Contract Release Application

By completing the online Housing Application, you agreed to fulfill all terms and conditions of the Housing Contract for the entire academic year. Completion of this form does not guarantee release from the Housing Contract. Requests are reviewed and decided upon by a committee of university staff who meet regularly to determine approvals.

NOTE: no release requests will be processed after the Drop/Add period each semester.

Students graduating or withdrawing from the University at the end of the 1st semester need not apply for release; however, they still are required to follow appropriate check-out procedures before moving out of their hall.

Students enrolled at Frostburg who will Study Abroad, Student Teach or participate in an Internship outside of the local area must have verification completed by your sponsoring department.

Students taking all online classes may be considered for Housing Contract Release, only if all of their classes are listed as online in PAWS.

Conditions for Review

NOTE: New, incoming first-year students who wish to not live on campus must fill out the Residency Exemption form.

Also, first and second-year students are not eligible to apply for release due to the Two Year Residency Requirement.

Your application must include detailed official documentation supporting the release claim. Only completed requests with all required documentation will be reviewed. Any release request submitted without documentation will not be reviewed. To make the most informed decision, students must provide documents supporting their request and validating claims of:

  1. A situation has arisen since the Housing Contract was filled out and submitted.
  2. The situation is beyond your control.
  3. All other resources have been exhausted in the pursuit to rectify this situation.
  4. The only viable option left is to leave the Residence Halls and cancel your Housing Contract.

Review the categories below for viable options that appropriately reflect your release from your housing contract. (Any and all documentation you wish to have reviewed must be attached to this request or sent to the Residence Life Office by fax, email or postal mail.)

Financial - Attach documentation demonstrating an inability to meet your financial obligations to FSU.


  • Official documentation indicating unexpected expense increases (no ATM/bank statements) or financial hardships (such as a letter from an employer verifying loss of employment or loss of income for either parent or student.)
  • Notice of liens or garnishing of wages that do not allow the parent or student to make their financial obligation to Frostburg State University or their lender.
  • Financial Aid letters or bank letters demonstrating denial of aid or loans.

Medical/Psychological - Students must register with and provide documentation to the Student Accessibility Services Office. Release requests will only be granted in the event that the Student Accessibility Services Office and the Housing Contract Release Committee determine that an appropriate accommodation cannot be made in a residence hall or Edgewood Commons.

REMINDER: Submitting reviewable material and the completion of this form DOES NOT guarantee a release from your FSU Housing Contract.


  • An email will be sent to your Frostburg State University email indicating that your request has been granted. If you have already moved into the hall, approved individuals must vacate their residence hall room and be checked out by their Resident Assistant within three (3) days of your request being granted. If a release request is for the upcoming semester, your housing assignment will be canceled for that semester. If a request is granted at the mid-point of the year, residents must complete the checkout process with Residence Life Staff before the start of the semester break. Failure to check out properly will result in charges being added to your account.
  • Housing refunds will be pro-rated from the start of the semester until you vacate your room and are checked out by an RA.
  • If released from your housing contract prior to the beginning of the term, your meal plan is automatically canceled. If you wish to continue to utilize a meal plan during the academic year you must contact the Billing Office (301-687-4321) to sign up for a new meal plan.

    Once you have used your meal plan, you are responsible for the dining charge unless other arrangement are made with the Billing Office.


  • An email will be sent to your Frostburg State University email indicating the reason your request was denied.
  • You will continue to be responsible for all housing charges and obligations as defined by the Housing Contract.