Grievances and Appeals

The Student Accessibility Services Office (SASO) is committed to ensuring that the programs, services, and accommodations are tailored to each student’s individual disability experiences. FSU complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Maryland Department of Disabilities to ensure that otherwise qualified students with disabilities are not discriminated against based on their disabilities and that they are not excluded from or denied the benefits of our programs and services.
The evaluation and determination of accommodations is an interactive and individualized process with the goal of developing accommodations that are appropriate, reasonable, and effective. It is the student’s responsibility to notify SASO as soon as possible in the event of any problems or unexpected barriers experienced in receiving accommodations, services, or access. There may be occurrences in which a student may have a concern or complaint regarding the process, their eligibility, the determination of accommodations and services, and/or believe they have experienced discrimination.

Informal Grievance Process
If there are concerns about disability accommodations, disparate or disparaging treatment related to disability or access issues, students are encouraged to first notify the Director of Student Accessibility Services. The Director of SASO will assist the student in identifying solutions and mediate with faculty, departments, or programs as necessary. Most disability-related issues or complaints can be positively resolved at this level.
When the concern is specific to the Student Accessibility Services Office, the student is still encouraged to address the concern with the Director. However, if the student feels they cannot discuss the concern with the Director, they should consult with the supervisor of SASO or the ADA Compliance Officer. The information for those offices:

Dr. Benjamin T Brauer
Office of the President
Director, Title IX/ADA/EEO
126 Hitchins
+1 301-687-3035
Formal Grievance Process
If the student is not satisfied with the result of the Informal Process within SASO or the student believes they have been discriminated against and wish to seek a formal resolution should use the online reporting form or email