Understanding and Providing Accommodations

The Student Accessibility Services Office engages in a purposeful and interactive process with each student to determine if a student qualifies as a student with a disability and to identify appropriate academic adjustments, and services on an individualized, case-by-case basis.

The accommodations listed in the letter sent by SASO are a starting point in the conversation between the student, instructor, and the Student Accessibility Services Office. Upon SASO notification, the listed accommodations should be facilitated for the student or discussed with SASO when questions of reasonableness exist. Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations are applied once the letter from the Student Accessibility Services Office has been sent.


Important Notes about Accommodations

  • A student’s request for accommodations does not guarantee approval. It does guarantee a full review of the request, and an interactive process to reach decisions about accommodations. If a student state they have contacted SASO does not necessarily indicate completed registration or approval of requested accommodations. We strongly encourage faculty to defer to the accommodation letter sent by SASO once the registration process is complete.
  • The Student Accessibility Services Office encourages students to provide their Accommodation Letter to faculty as early as possible in the semester or as soon as they are registered in order to help ensure successful and timely implementation of approved accommodations.
  • Students may register with SASO at any time during the semester, and at any point in their academic career. While it is appropriate to request and remind students to provide Accommodation Letters, it is inappropriate to suggest a specific deadline within a course for when letters must be provided in order to receive accommodations in their course.