Alumni Spotlight - J. Stokes ’09

Nov 2, 2021 8:00 AM

J. Stokes '09eNews Alumni Spotlight highlights alumni who give back to Frostburg in some way – time, talent, treasure or any combination. This edition of eNews features J.C.J. Stokes ’09.

Current City: Gulfport, Miss.

Current Occupation: Public affairs, U.S. Navy

Why do you love FSU?

I have met lifelong friends, and this is and was a place where people continue to grow and find themselves.

Why do you give back (time, talent and/or treasure) to FSU?

Why not? Too many people fought, prayed and cried for me to get to college and to graduate. I know the difficulties I went through as a student, and I want to make sure that others gain a rich experience here worry-free.

Tell us about a class or activity at FSU that has had a surprising effect on your life.

The Diversity Retreat. It was my introduction to Frostburg society, if you will. I did not know it at the time; however, I learned from many of the attendees there. They also looked out for me and mentored me. It helped to break me out of my comfort zone.

What do you do for fun?

I love to debate and have philosophical conversations.

Favorite band?

The Beatles

What is your favorite memory of your time as a Frostburg student?

Graduating was my all-time favorite memory. A special shout out to Ms. Phyllis (Casey), the assistant registrar, for helping to get me out the door.

What is a cause dear to your heart?

I have too many to name; however, I do believe in Culture for Service and Service to Humanity.

Tell us about a person or persons from FSU who had an impact on your life.

This is not a complete list!

History, Philosophy and Political Science departments. Mrs. Judith-Ann and Mrs. Beverly, Financial Aid and Billing Offices. Kappa Beta Chapter of PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INC!!!

As I look back over my years at Frostburg, I can truly say that I have been honored and humbled to have been mentored by Mrs. Robin Wynder, Mrs. Pansye Atkinson, Dr. (Jean-Marie) Makang, Dr. (Alem) Abbay, Dr. (Steve) Hartlaub, Dr. (Steve) Twing, Dr. (John) O’Rourke, Dr. (Mike) Mathias, Prof. (Tim) Magrath, Dr. (John) Lowe, Dr. Jesse Ketterman, Capt. Clyde Stewart, Sgt. Tim Stevens, Ms. Jamie Winters, Rev. M. Hudson, Mr. Rubin Stevenson, Mr. Bill Mandicott, Mr. John Kirby (former Frostburg city administrator), Mrs. Carmen Jackson and Ms. Marie (catering Aramark).

In memoriam: Dr. Norma Blacke Bordeaux, Mr. Bernard Wynder, Mrs. Darlene Shelton, Mrs. Josephine Harper, Dr. (John) Wiseman, Dr. (Marc) Routhier and Sgt. Alan Shirk.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

A socialite (LOL).