COVID-19 Updates and Information

Contact Tracing/COVID Guidance

In the case of a positive COVID test result, contact tracing is extremely important in helping any community minimize the spread of the virus. The Maryland Health Department website has good information on how that happens. Here are some key details:

  • Answer and/or return any calls from "MD COVID" or the Allegany County Health Department. If you do not have caller ID, look for either (240) 466-4488 or (in the case of the local health department) a 301-759-**** number.
  • The name of the infected patient will not be revealed. Contact tracers take extreme measures to protect privacy.
  • You may be asked about your health, symptoms and anyone you might have been in close contact with. If you’ve had a COVID test, they may ask for the date and name of your insurance company.
  • You will be asked to verify your date of birth, address, and any other phone numbers you may have. You will NOT be asked for passwords, your social security number, money, photos or financial information.

COVID Guidance for Students

Any student who receives a positive COVID test from an external healthcare provider or is ordered by the health department through contact tracing to quarantine needs to upload a copy or photo of the documentation on the self-monitoring CHECK-IN portal. This result will be validated by at healthcare professional at Brady Health Center, and the student will be contacted by a nurse during normal business hours or during the next business day if this occurs after hours or during the weekend. If the student is experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, or a fever over 100.4, the student should immediately seek assistance from an urgent care or go to the emergency room at UPMC Western Maryland. If you do not have transportation to the emergency room, you can call University Police at 301-687-4223 for assistance in securing an ambulance. Obviously, if experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1.

If a student is ordered to quarantine or isolate after business hours or during the weekend, they should upload their results on the CHECK-IN portal and stay in their single-occupancy room alone, leaving only for essential functions such as going to the restroom and retrieving a grab-n-go meal from food services. You are also permitted to go home for quarantining or isolating, but should make sure no one at home has an immuno-comprising medical condition. If you live off-campus, you should follow the same guidelines. Once a provider from the Brady Health Center validates your documentation, they will contact you and provide further instructions.

Additionally, students should:

  • Avoid all social gatherings and face-to-face contact with others
  • Wear a face mask anytime outside of your personal room
  • Practice strict social distancing from others
  • Always practice good hand hygiene
  • Disinfect any surfaces you touch in shared bathrooms
  • Use Chartwells food service portal to order grab-and-go meal

Please remember to monitor and validate your health each day using the CHECK-IN portal and contact the Brady Health Center between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday at 301-687-4310 if you begin to experience any symptoms. Again, visit a local urgent care or emergency room at UPMC Western Maryland if your symptoms escalate.