Center for Teaching Excellence

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to promote and foster student learning to the greatest extent possible through instructional development of the faculty.


  • Enable faculty to learn about effective pedagogy used by colleagues at FSU and elsewhere.
  • Stimulate individual faculty, departments, groups of faculty and the University to reflect on student learning goals and actual outcomes.
  • Stimulate and encourage faculty to reflect upon their teaching.
  • Provide faculty with the most current research of student learning and instruction.
  • Provide new faculty with resources and information about teaching to help them develop teaching strategies that will enhance their own teaching experiences and student learning.
  • Link faculty to other available resources appropriate to their needs.


I pledge to strive to be a better participant in the learning process. As a teacher, I pledge to try at least one new technique, approach or activity in each of my courses. When I review the results of my activities and strategies in the classroom, I pledge to focus on learning. I will not ask "How did I do?" Rather, I will ask "Are they learning from what I am doing? What can I do differently to encourage them to learn 'better'?"

Tenth Annual Regional Conference

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