Action Items 2018 - 2023


By 2023:

  1. Frostburg State University ensures students have the necessary skills to launch a successful career and be a productive and engaged citizen.

  2. All graduates have multiple High Impact Practices (HIPs) with a focus on internships and integrative capstone experiences.

  3. Technology is seamlessly integrated into the learning and campus experience.

  4. Frostburg State University supports student success through comprehensive academic and career services that are focused on the needs of students from admission through their years as alumni

  5. Frostburg State University provides programs and services that promote student engagement, and the development of self-awareness and well-being.

  6. Frostburg State University fosters regional development through increased: 1) number of graduates employed in the region; 2) number of businesses created by faculty, staff, or graduates; and 3) number of collaborative regional development projects.

  7. Frostburg State University integrates civic learning and democratic engagement into the curricular and co-curricular student experience.

  8. Frostburg State University sustains a campus culture that respects differences in people and ideas, values inclusion and diversity, and promotes cultural competence.

  9. Frostburg State University has a recruitment plan that incorporates student demands and regional and state workforce needs for three target groups – the high school graduate, the college transfer student, and the working adult.

  10. FSU is promoted through traditional and emerging market media to the target segments identified in the recruitment plan that highlights successes, services, and features appropriate to each target segment.

  11. Frostburg State University’s budgeting model is transparent and based on defined performance metrics with resources provided to close the gap or exceed critical benchmarks with peer institutions.

  12. FSU provides professional development opportunities for its faculty and staff to ensure they are current in their respective field or area of service.