CLC's Adopt-a-School Program

Jan 5, 2023 2:17 PM


The CLC is continuing their Adopt-a-School program. The staff at the CLC make monthly visits to our adopted school to share and read aloud the most current children’s books. The school also has access to all the books that are located in the Children’s Literature Centre (over 12,000 books in the collection). They are given the opportunity to propose for CLC staff to do an in-service/workshop with teachers that focuses on the newest children’s literature. Each semester, students at the adopted school attend age-specific author/illustrator presentations. School staff members are encouraged to participate in CLC events that are held throughout the year. The adopted school changes every two years. The current school is Flintstone Elementary School. In order for a school to qualify for the Adopt-a-School program, they must be an elementary school and be within a 40-mile radius of Frostburg State University. Flintstone Elementary School was recognized at the Spring Festival of Children’s Literature in 2022 and was provided with a banner that recognized their partnership in literacy with the CLC. Schools that have been part of the Adopt-a-School program in the past include Beall Elementary, Bel Air Elementary School, South Penn Elementary School, and Wiley Ford Primary School.