Mackenzie Freeze Wins Recognition in 'Microscopy Today'

Oct 16, 2023 2:17 PM



This image by MacKenzie Freeze appeared in “Microscopy Today.” 

“Microscopy Today” hosts the annual Micrograph Awards competition, and FSU students enrolled in Dr Rebekah Taylor’s class, BIOL456/556 Advanced Microscopy, submitted images to the competition. 

MacKenzie Freeze’s image received Special Honors recognition in the competition this year. 

“Microscopy Today” notes that while the goal of the competition is to honor image excellence, occasionally what is seen in an image reveals its scientific relevance in an interesting way. Freeze’s dark-field light microscope image shows a colony of living freshwater green algae, “Pseudopediastrum boryanum.” The structure of these microorganisms conveys natural biosorbent properties, and they are used to remove hexavalent chromium from contaminated aquatic ecosystems.

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