Teacher of the Year

Apr 17, 2023 2:17 PM


Dr. Joseph Thompson is a seasoned music educator in Allegany
County. He holds a Doctorate (2020), and a master's degree in Education
(2010), from Frostburg State University. He received his bachelor's
degree (2001), from Alderson/Broaddus. Dr. Thompson is an
advocate for the arts and student leadership in education. He is the
Teachers Association school representative, Department Chair, and he
serves on several committees. Dr. Thompson's dissertation focused
on the homelessness and how performance effects the school
communities. Under Dr. Thompson, the Fort Hill instrumental music
programs are consistently recognized for their achievements and
community support.

"In a time when public education seems under attack, school
security is heightened, and teachers are leaving the profession,
the message I would share with my profession and the public is
simply that teaching, specifically teaching in the public schools, is
a great career choice. Teaching offers much more than a summer
 -Joseph Thompson