Emerging Author Finds Her Path As A Teacher

In May of 2022, Anne Winters sat down to speak with a recent Frostburg State University Graduate who has enrolled into the MAT-Secondary program for the Summer of 2022. Sydney Kerns graduated from FSU in May with a BA in English and was recently published in Frostburg State University’s Bittersweet Magazine for her work as an author of short stories. Sydney gave her perspective on how her time at Frostburg State and the Covid-19 Pandemic affected her dreams for the future.

Anne Winters: How have your career goals changed throughout your time studying at Allegany College of Maryland and then Frostburg State University?

Sydney Kerns, MAT-S Graduate Student, FSU Alumni: My career goals have changed significantly in my transition from ACM to FSU. At ACM, I pursued a general studies agree. After I received that, I went forward with the Medical Lab Tech program. However, after one semester I found it wasn’t the right fit for me. I then decided to enroll at Frostburg State as a Health Science major. It wasn’t until I spoke with Sydney Duncan regarding the English program that I realized my true passion. After enrolling in the English Program it was like love at first sight! I had always wanted to pursue an English degree, and it wasn’t until coming to FSU that I found the program that aligned perfectly to my overall career goals.

Anne Winters: What made you ultimately decide to pursue teaching?

Sydney Kerns: Over my time in the English program, I found myself gravitating toward teaching. I would intently watch my professors give lectures and the unique ways they taught resonated with me. I want to share my point of view and be able to show students the beauty of literature and writing.

Anne Winters: Has the Covid-19 pandemic or recent social justice events affected your ideas of the future career you want for yourself?

Sydney Kerns: Covid-19 has proved that teachers are resilient and can adapt to change easily, even if the prospect of such a pandemic is difficult. The drive to continue on and teach students, even through a screen, and still remain strong is very honorable. Social justice issues have only furthered my desire to become a teacher, in order to offer students security and inclusivity in a class room.

Anne Winters: Thank you so much for answering these questions for today. Before we go, I hear that you have been published at FSU, tell me a little bit about your work for the Bittersweet Magazine.

Sydney Kerns: I have been writing since I was 10. If I could tell my younger self that by the age of 23 I would be published, I don’t think I’d believe it. My piece was constructed and heavily influenced by a novel I’m working on. I’ve never been much for delving into fantasy stories, but it was received well!

Sydney’s recent published work can be viewed at www.bittersweetmag.com