Minor in Marketing

Get ready for a future in the vibrant world of marketing. 

A minor in Marketing gives you the credentials and experiences to truly make yourself stand out from the crowd. Frostburg’s program starts you off with well-rounded introductory courses in business to give you a solid background, then dives into the complexities of marketing with classes that explore sales strategy, advertising and consumer psychology, with many more diverse topics offered in electives. Throw in access to an endless variety of internships and experiential learning opportunities, and you have everything you need to become a successful student and a model marketing professional.

  • Start your future with a department that has graduates employed with Kraft Foods, Edward Jones Investment, AFLAC, Rocky Gap Lodge & Casino and AstraZeneca.
  • Treat yourself to an exciting program that emphasizes interdisciplinary connections and experiential learning.

Marketing Highlights 

  • Take your education beyond the classroom with the FSU Marketing Club, an American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter actively involved in a variety of events, from conferences to job workshops and more.
  • Explore the world with the College of Business’ Global Experiential Learning program, which takes students on business-oriented summer trips to destinations like Brazil, Germany and China.
  • Flourish in small classes that give you extra opportunities and individual attention to make your educational experience perfect for you.
  • Intern with the company of your choice. FSU students have built fulfilling partnerships with major companies like ClosetMaid, Kohl’s, CitiCorp and IBM. FSU also sends interns around the world to countries like Turkey, Ireland, China and the U.K.
  • Develop a portfolio to showcase the products of your favorite courses and to impress future employers.

About Our Marketing Faculty: 

  • Learn from professionals who are active in their field, researching topics like branding, consumer behavior and psychology, service marketing and cross-cultural studies.
  • Meet teachers deeply invested in student success, who double as academic and club advisors and personal mentors.

Sample Marketing Courses: 

Principles of Marketing – Introduction to marketing and the fundamentals involved in the marketing process. Functions, institutions, and channels of distribution of goods and services from producer to consumer; the components of marketing strategy and their interrelationships.

Advertising – Overview of advertising and sales promotion; their relation to social and economic systems. Processes for developing and implementing effective advertising programs, including promotional planning, media selection, and layout.

Professional Selling and Sales Management – Fundamentals of professional selling including the selling process from preapproach to post-sale service. Emphasis both on the selling process and managing sales personnel, sales territories, and sales strategies.

Consumer Behavior – Concepts and theories of consumer behavior; psychological and sociological influences on consumers. The relation of these theories to marketing strategies; consumer behavior in the segmentation of markets.

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Career Outlook for Marketing professionals 

Due to the constantly changing nature of business and communications, young marketing professionals have many opportunities open to them. Graduates can find work with an advertising agency, a media firm selling ad space or any company that advertises heavily. Growth in marketing positions is good all-around but extraordinarily promising for market researchers. Companies are increasingly using data and market trends to direct their advertising strategies. Tech-savvy marketing specialists will also be needed to address the Internet and social media, which allow rapid changes in a company’s image and heavily influence public opinion. For more information, visit the US  Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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