Curriculum and Course Sequence

Doctor of Education – Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Program Curriculum

The program consists of a minimum* of 60 hours of graduate study in the following areas:

Educational Leadership: 33 credits

EDLP 714: Introduction to Educational Leadership Doctoral Studies (3)
EDLP 715: Introductory Seminar in Educational Leadership (3)
EDLP 716: Organizational Change and Leadership Theory (3)
EDLP 781: Educational History, Politics and Policy of American Education (3)
EDLP 785: 785 Educational Evaluation (3)
EDLP 801: Leading Diverse Educational Organizations (3)
EDLP 806: Educational Research I (3)
EDLP 807: Educational Research II (3)
EDLP 808: Applying Theory and Research to Practice (3)
EDLP 840: Strategic Planning and Data-Driven Decision-Making (3)
EDLP 900: Capstone Seminar (3)

Specialization: 9 credits (choose from one of the below specializations)

PK12 Leadership
EDAD 742: Human Resources (3)
EDAD 743: Educational Law and Ethics (3)
EDAD 744: Educational Finance (3)
Adult and Professional Learning Facilitation
APLF 721   Principles and Theories of Adult Learning (3)
APLF 722   Leading others to Lead Adult Learning (3)
APLF 723   Problems of Practice in leading Change Initiatives in Adult Learning (3)

Higher Education Leadership
HIED 752: Higher Education Structure and Governance (3)
HIED 753: Higher Education Finance (3)
HIED 754: Current Issues in Higher Education Leadership and Law (3)

Practicum - 6 credits
EDLP 901: Doctoral Practicum I (3)
EDLP 902: Doctoral Practicum II (3)

Dissertation - 12 credits
EDLP 912: Dissertation  (1-12)*

*EDLP 912:  Individuals not completing the dissertation by the end of EDLP 912 must maintain continuous enrollment of at least one (1) dissertation credit each semester until completion.

Doctor of Education - Course Sequence

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is designed for a three year completion.  While this is an aggressive program, the design is such that you will begin building your dissertation topic early, and assignments that are embedded into the courses throughout the program will help to advance you to dissertation and completion.  The cohort is admitted to the program beginning in the summer session (generally immediately after the Memorial Day holiday in the summer session I).

Courses are arranged so that students take two courses per semester with the exception of Winter I sessions where only one course is scheduled.  In the Fall III semester, you may have up to nine credit hours as a result of taking dissertation credits.  Beginning year three, students are in practicum/capstone and dissertation credits, and these are designed as independent study led by your program chair/advisor. You are required to take twelve dissertation credits in total. Your chair will work with you on planning your dissertations credits based on the progress of your study.

Total Credits Required: 60 credits

Sample Sequence - schedule is subject to change

Summer I (6 hours)
EDLP 715 Introductory Seminar in Educational Leadership (3)
EDLP 714 Introduction to Educational Leadership Doctoral Studies (3)

Fall I (6 hours)
EDLP 716 Organizational Change and Leadership Theory (3)
EDLP 808 Applying Research and Theory in Practice(3)

Intersession (3 hours)
EDLP 801
Leading Diverse Educational Organizations (3)

Spring I (6 hours)
EDLP 806 Research I (3)
Specialization I (3)

Summer II (6 hours)
EDLP 840 Strategic Planning and Data Informed Decision Making (3)
Specialization Course 2 (3)

Fall II (6 hours)
EDLP 781 History, Politics, and Policy (3)
EDLP 807 Qualitative Research (3)

Spring II (6 hours)
EDLP 900 Capstone Seminar (3)
EDLP 785 Educational Assessment (3)

Comprehensive Exams

Summer III (6 hours)
EDLP 901 Practicum I (3)
Specialization 3 (3)

Fall III (variable)
EDLP 902 Practicum II (3)
EDLP 912 Dissertation (1-12 )

Spring III (variable)
EDLP 912 Dissertation (1-12)