Admission Requirements

Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary and Secondary)

Who Should Consider a Master of Arts in Teaching Program:

The Master of Arts in Teaching programs are accelerated teacher certification programs designed for career changers.  This program is designed to help those with a bachelors degree in any field build on their content knowledge by learning the necessary theories, skills and practices to become a teacher in the public or private school systems.  Upon completion of this program, students will graduate with a Master degree and will be eligible for teacher certification.   Students enter the program as a cohort and complete the program together.  Admission begins in summer session which usually begins in mid to late May.  Application deadline is April 1.  Interview cycles are offered in both fall and spring. Students are encouraged to apply early to be assured time to complete the admission process.

Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary: This program is designed for those who wish to become a middle or high school teacher.  To be eligible you must hold a content area degree in Math, Biology, Chemistry Physics, Earth Science, English, Art, Social Studies, Music or Foreign Language.  If you do not hold a degree in one of these areas, you must have the equivalent in coursework.  Therefore, students wishing to become a middle or high school teacher can do so in many cases with a degree that is closely related to the above content areas, but may have to take some prerequisite courses to reach this equivalency.

Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary: This program is designed for those who wish to become an elementary school teacher.  To be eligible you must hold a bachelor degree in any field and meet the minimum prerequisite requirements with a grade of C or better:

  • 10 credits of Science (3 Biology, 3 Physical Science, and 3 Earth or Space Science, at least one of the courses should have a lab
  • 9 credits of Math
  • 3 credits Advanced Writing
  • 9 credits Social Science ( 3 Psychology, 3 History, 3 other)
  • 3 credits of Fine Arts or Foreign Language
Upon receipt of the application and transcript, the Office of Graduate Services will forward the student record to the Program Coordinator who will complete a transcript review and will communicate with the student the need for any prerequisites.  Students that do not meet these minimum requirements may still seek admission, but will be required to complete the prerequisites by the end of the first summer of admission as part of their admission conditions.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Students with 2.75 – 2.99 can be considered on a provisional basis.  GPA’s under 2.75 can be considered but must go through a Unit Monitoring committee process within the College of Education to be considered special admission status.  Those with under a 2.75 will be required to provide additional items for committee review including personal statement, letters of reference and possibly additional coursework or related work experience information.

  2. Completion of supplemental application materials to include:
    1. (3) references 
    2. personal statement
    3. resume

  3. Interview – Early interviews are held in November and late interview dates are held in March and April for a May program start.  We recommend applications be submitted as early as possible to allow FSU to help guide you through the application process.  

  4. Deadline for Application April 1 for the Summer (May) admission date.

For application process instructions go here.

For more information or to speak to an admission specialist contact: 

FSU Office of Graduate Services