Curriculum and Course Sequence

Master of Education – Special Education

Total Credit Hours: 39-42 credits

Professional Education Core (9 credits)
EDUC 603 Principles and Practices of Research
EDUC 606 Developmental Theory and Experiential Growth
CUIN 654 Cultural and Technological Awareness in the Context of Global Education

Special Education Core (24 credits)
SPED 561 Characteristics of Exceptional Children
SPED 562 Introduction to the Education of Exceptional Children
SPED 601 Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation of Exceptional Children
SPED 602 Instructional Content and Practices for Exceptional Children
SPED 603 Planning and Managing the Teaching and Learning Environment
SPED 604 Managing Student Behavior and Social Interaction Skills
SPED 605 Communication and Collaborative Partnerships in Special Education Programs
SPED 691 Seminar in Special Education

Electives (3-6 credits)

Capstone (3 credits)
EDUC 700 Master’s Research Paper or Project

Course Sequence/Schedule 

Fall Winter Spring Summer I Summer II
SPED 561 SPED605 SPED 562

SPED 561

SPED 562
SPED 602 SPED 691
SPED 691

SPED 691

SPED 605
SPED 603   SPED 604


    SPED 605


Recommended Elective:
EDUC 590:  Teaching Children with Severe Reading Disorders
  Recommended Elective: EDUC 590:  Teaching Children with Severe Reading Disorders Recommended Elective: EDUC 590:  Intro to Autism  

Core Courses (EDUC 603, 606, CUIN 654) are offered each semesters (Fall, Winter and Summer). Online options for Core Courses are offered as follows: EDUC 606 Fall, EDUC 603 Spring, CUIN 654 Summer. All Special Education Courses and the above recommended electives are offered online to assure that students can complete the degree entirely online. Face-to-Face courses are no longer offered in the Special Education specialization courses but are an option for core courses and other electives.

Note: EDUC 700 Master’s Research Paper Project is offered in all semesters to meet students need to graduate. SPED 601 and 602 may be offered both Fall and Spring as time and staff permit.