Master in Environmental Management in Sustainability

Prepare Yourself to Address Real-World Challenges

Frostburg State University and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) are proud to offer an innovative joint Master in Environmental Management (MEM) in Sustainability. This degree leverages the environmental studies expertise of UMCES and the diverse student body of FSU to prepare leaders who can address 21st century sustainability challenges in the academic, government, non-profit and private sectors.

  • The in-person program is focused on sustainability and the impact on society built around a core team science approach to solving problems.
  • The program was developed to meet increased need for professionals working in environmental management and sustainability in academic, business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Master in Envrionmental Management in Sustainability Highlights:

  • The MEM program is accessible to students with almost any undergraduate major, not just in the sciences.
  • The program's focus on solving real-world problems instead of a research-based thesis prepares you to enter or advance in the growing career field of environmental management.
  • Through the apprenticeship and capstone project, you will build relationships with one or more partner organizations who could become potential employers.
  • Flexible program requirements allow you to select elective courses from the graduate offerings at both FSU and UMCES to tailor your degree to your desired career outcomes. 
  • Take advantage of FSU's competitive graduate tuition to earn this degree at lower net cost to you compared to larger research institutions.

About Our Master in Environmental Management in Sustainability Faculty:

  • Take courses from UMCES faculty who are globally recognized leaders in environmental education and research.
  • Study in small classes that allow maximum interaction among class members and faculty.
  • The MEM program was developed collaboratively by FSU and UMCES with input from the faculty at both institutions. Students in the program will gain access to UMCES and FSU faculty and courses while FSU provides the infrastructure for managing graduate student enrollment.
  • The program will be overseen by a program coordinator who is a faculty member at FSU assisted by a field supervision coordinator from the UMCES faculty.

Find out more about Frostburg State University’s Master in Environmental Management in Sustainability program requirements.

Career Outlook for Environmental Managers:

FSU and UMCES recognize the need for more environmental managers. Job creation in this field of study is expected to match or exceed the national average for at least ten years, according to a market study conducted by UMCES. However, these positions are so new that they are not listed as their own category in state or national labor statistics. A Chief Sustainability Officer providing overall sustainability strategy might be considered an operations manager or an engineering manager. Environmental managers working to help organizations manage the interaction between buildings and the environment may be considered construction or facilities managers. Environmental analysts working on projects in sustainability may have any of several classifications depending on their industry. 

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