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Curriculum and Course Sequence

Master of Science - Counseling Psychology

The program admits students each fall and the course sequence is very prescriptive with all students developing a study plan at the time of admission with the Program Coordinator for 9-12 credit hours a semester.

Course Requirements Total: 60 credits

Graduate course work listed below (42 credits)
PSYC 590 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC 600 Introduction to Counseling and Assessment
PSYC 602 Advanced Research Evaluation and Interpretation
PSYC 610 Small Group Dynamics/Group Counseling
PSYC 614 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSYC 616 Psychological Issues in Career Counseling
PSYC 617 Child & Adult Psychopathology
PSYC 6191 Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling
PSYC 630 Theories and Techniques of Counseling I
PSYC 640 Theories and Techniques of Counseling II
PSYC 650 Family Therapy
PSYC 660 Individual Assessment
PSYC 670 Multicultural Counseling Techniques
PSYC 686 Addiction Issues & Treatment

A minimum of a total of 14 credits of internship across two semesters:
PSYC 695 Internship in Counseling (6-12 credits)
PSYC 696 Advanced Internship in Counseling (6-12 credits)

Four (4) additional credits of electives or internship credits.

To complete this program, students will have to take PSYC 616 and PSYC 619 during an intersession or summer session.

Approved Electives
PSYC 504 Psychology of Exceptional Child
PSYC 520 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 530 Health Psychology
PSYC 570 Research Methods Applications
PSYC 581 History and Systems
PSYC 585 Behavioral App. to Human Problems
PSYC 590 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC 591 Seminar in Psychology
Any 500-level PSYC course
PSYC 602 Advanced Research Evaluation & Interpretation
PSYC 680 Advanced Treatment Strategies With Children, Adolescents & Families
PSYC 692 Adv. Seminar in Psychology
PSYC 698 Readings in Psychology
PSYC 699 Individual Research in Psychology

Approved Education Electives
SCCO 608 Lifestyle, Career Development & Decision Making
EDUC 523 AIDS: Information, Instruction and Counseling
EDUC 606 Developmental Theory & Experiential Growth
EDUC 590 Special Topics: AIDS: Peer Counseling and Education


Course Sequence

Fall Intersession Spring  Summer
Year 1 PSYC 600 PSYC 616 PSYC 602 PSYC 670
  PSYC 614   PSYC 617  
  PSYC 508   PSYC 630  
Year 2 PSYC 640 PSYC 619 PSYC 660  
  PSCY 610   PSYC 650  
  PSYC 686   PSYC 590  
Year 3 PSYC 695   PSYC 696