Beacon Early Alert System

All students should have a network of people who will support them on their educational journey. For that reason, the University uses a system known as Beacon whereby instructors – and coaches and program advisors, if applicable – can post notices about their students’ academic behavior. For example, if a student is absent repeatedly from class or is not completing assignments, the instructor may post a notice on Beacon. That information may be shared with the student’s other instructors and/or the student’s athletic coach or program advisor.

All students are registered in Beacon and are connected to a “success network” of instructors, advisors, and coaches. The instructions for posting notifications are found in the links on this page: “Guide for Academic Advisors, Coaches, and Advisors to Student Organizations” and the “Guide for Instructors.”

Log in to Beacon here.

FSU's contact for Beacon: Beth Stallings,

Beacon notices can be posted as Updates, Alerts, or Encouragements.

Please be aware that FERPA regulations apply to all communications concerning students. Information posted on Beacon must not be disclosed to anyone outside a student’s success network or to anyone without a legitimate educational interest.

Information documented via Beacon may also be accessible, by court order, as a part of a student’s academic record.

Pursuant to FERPA, students have the right to review all notations in Beacon.

  • An UPDATE is an observation or comment you want to make about a student. This may be in the form of a note to yourself about a conversation you had with the student, or you may want to share information with the student’s other instructors, advisor, and/or coaches or organization advisor.

  • An ALERT is of a more serious nature and requires that someone act on the alert. You can recommend a course of action, such as asking that someone from Residence Life check on the student.

  • An ENCOURAGEMENT is a way to send a message to a student – with the option to send the message both to the student and his/her entire support network – that recognizes excellent work in the classroom, improvement on test grades, etc.