Welcome to Campus Labs!

Frostburg is increasingly turning to the best online resources available to help us share our information more effectively across campus and integrate our strategic planning efforts. By making key data available more readily accessible to students, faculty and staff, we can uphold strategic planning priorities such as improving our retention rate and our overall educational experiences. We can also save time and resources and prevent simultaneous reporting to various entities across campus by expediting accreditation processes.

Based on critical feedback from our campus community, the Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Council researched different options and made a decision to invest in a primary assessment platform called Campus Labs, which allows our faculty and staff to:

  • link assessment data to goals, objectives, and outcomes

  • develop assessment plans

  • measure student learning both in and out of the classroom

  • track student involvement

  • benchmark with peer institutions

  • utilize handheld technology to collect data

  • conduct online course evaluations

  • centralize assessment efforts

Campus Labs provides hands-on support through web-based technology, assessment resources and expert consultation. FSU has invested in four components of Campus Labs. Click on the links below to learn more about them and access resources to help you use them effectively. Additionally, check out these online tutorials and webinars you can sign up to take at your convenience through Campus Labs.

  • Baseline

  • Beacon

  • Bobcat Connect

  • Compliance Assist/Planning