EEO General Information

Frostburg State University affirms its commitment to a campus environment which values human diversity and respects individuals who represent that diversity. Fostering diversity and respect for difference is a fundamental goal of higher education, ranking among the highest priorities of this institution.

In both education and employment, Frostburg State University prohibits discrimination on the basis of Race; Color; Religion; Ancestry; Sex (including Pregnancy, Sexual Orientation, or Gender Identity); Marital Status; National Origin; Age (40 or older); Disability; Genetic information (including Family Medical History); and/or having been party to a previous discrimination/harassment complaint/investigation. The Office of ADA/EEO Compliance monitors campus adherence to University policies of equal opportunity/diversity as well as to the applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. Reporting to the President, the Director of Compliance coordinates equal opportunity efforts, assists with and monitors, analyzes and evaluates FSU's EEO efforts and makes recommendations to assure the continuity of good-faith efforts. The Director also represents the University at various related local, University System of Maryland (USM) and other State meetings as well as federal meetings.

The Office of ADA/EEO Compliance is open to all students, faculty and staff for questions and information as well as for confidential discussion regarding personal or general EEO concerns. The campus community as well as the general community organizations uses the office as a resource when seeking related data or other materials related to EEO topics.